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This month we have been so excited by how the trainees are getting on at Kira Farm. 'As a parent this is nothing more painful than seeing your child go to bed hungry,' says trainee Stella. 'I am so happy because I've just harvested so much maize from my Kira garden that I know that I am going to be able to provide enough food for all my family when I go home.'

All of the trainees have been blown away by the harvests they've reaped using conservation farming techniques. Farming will be their bedrock - it will provide enough food for their families to eat, leaving them time to set up small enterprises and bring a life-changing income into their households. Just imagine not having enough to eat or not being able to afford medicine when your kids are sick. Now the trainees are seeing the fruit of their labour, they are believing in a better future! 

The Refugee Family

When Joshua was a young boy his family were forced to flee from their home country to escape war. Much later, thanks to the training Joshua received at Kira Farm, the family who were once squatters are now homeowners. And Joshua, who used to be unemployed, now employs five young men. Read his story here

Annual Review

If you haven't seen our Annual Review yet you can access an online version by clicking on the image. As this is the first review we have done of its kind we would be SUPER grateful if you would take 60 seconds and answer this survey, telling us what you thought of it. Simply click here 

A Motivational Speaker!

It's only 8 months since Bob graduated from Kira Farm but he's made such a success of his life that he was invited back to the Farm to inspire and motivate this year's trainees.
Read Bob's story here to find out how he's been hob nobbing with some of the most important people in Uganda and is on his way to becoming a millionaire! :)

Harmonious Marriage

Farming group member, Deo, says: "I realised I was treating my wife like an animal. Thanks to the training I received through Amigos my wife and I now make family decisions together. I used to control everything at home and it would result in arguments and even fighting. Today we handle everything together which has brought peace and harmony in our household."
It's the season to be merry.... (well, it's getting closer anyway!) We're looking for big-hearted people / businesses / churches to sell these handmade cards for Amigos. Come into the office to collect if you're local, if not we'll pop them in the post. One pack of 8 assorted cards in the new 2015 design is £3.50 + P&P - more info here 
And if you would like to send a Christmas gift to your sponsored child, simply write the child's name on the back of a cheque and send into the office. More info here
In this short film find out how Kira Farm graduate, Ivan, conquered third generation homelessness. Big thanks to filmmakers Lois, Emma and Abby!
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We have rails of amazing cut-price Saltrock clothing - hoodies, t-shirts, wetsuits and more! Saltrock kindly donate all of their seconds and samples to Amigos, playing a vital role in our fundraising. Would you like to hold a Saltrock clothing party? We can also supply you with beautiful handmade African crafts - jewellery, scarves and bags - to sell too. Just give us a ring 01271 377664, email or drop into the office to discuss - 3 Boutport Street (Mermaid Walk), Barnstaple. It's a really fun way to fundraise!
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THANK YOU! No lives would be changed, no families improved, no households transformed if it weren't for you. Thank you so much for supporting Amigos and believing in a better future for some of the poorest people in Uganda. 
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