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This month is all about happy families. Why? Well we've been checking on our farming groups and we've been blown away by the results. Crop yields have doubled, domestic violence has reduced dramatically, and nearly all households have seen an increase in income
All of which means that dad doesn't have to worry about feeding his household, mum can feel proud of her new farming skills, and children can enjoy fuller tummies and happier homes.
A huge thank you to all of our supporters for making this happen - we love letting you know that the projects you're giving to, are working! 
Ben, Sian and family recently visited Kira Farm Development Centre, click here for a flavour of their experience!


Expedition to Africa

Are you interested in visiting Kira Farm like Ben and Sian for an experience of a lifetime? It will be challenging, inspirational and unforgettable! If you'd like a hands-on adventure to Uganda with Amigos, check out our new brochure. At Kira Farm visitors learn about global injustice and discover the potential for making the world a better place. Lots more info here
Stella and her husband David are part of an Amigos farming group in Kitgum
'Since the training began men are drinking less alcohol, family violence has reduced and women have gained respect,' smiles Stella. 'My husband and I are now equals at home and bonded by mutual respect. Our crops are looking good and I believe together we can fight the chronic illness of poverty that has affected us for so many years.' Find out more about farming groups

A New Kitchen Stove!

Joseph Kapimpini and his wife are part of an Amigos farming group in Masindi
'Before we constructed this rocket stove my wife would cook over a fire and I would feel so bad for her as tears flowed from her eyes and she would inhale lots of smoke and cough constantly,' explains Joseph. 
'After receiving training from Amigos about this wonderful innovation I went home and immediately built a new stove. Today there are no more tears or coughing, smoke or red eyes. And we only use a maximum of 6 sticks of firewood per meal, whereas before we would need 15, which means we don't have to cut down nearly as many trees.'
We've had some incredible results from our farming groups - 74% of farmers have already seen their crop yields double. No wonder they're smiling! 
Gender equality is key to all of our projects at Amigos and we're thrilled to report that our training is making a real difference behind closed doors. In our farming groups an impressive 64% of women who used to experience domestic violence, don't anymore. That's a huge number of women who no longer live in fear of their own safety.  
We have commissioned a new Amigos borehole serving clean water to 3000 people in the Masindi area. There's no doubt the impact will be wide-reaching - access to clean water will reduce child mortality, improve school attendance, hygiene, dehydration and much more!
Sponsored 'child' Joel Isingoma (centre) has just graduated with a BSc in Computer Engineering! Wow! Well done Joel and a huge thank you to your faithful sponsor Jenny :) Find out more about child sponsorship
'tis the season to be merry, tra la la la laaaa.... We're looking for big-hearted people / businesses / churches to sell these handmade cards for Amigos. Come into the office to collect if you're local, if not we'll pop them in the post. One pack of 8 assorted cards in the new 2015 design is £3.50 + P&P - more info here Thank you to Just Office for providing all the envelopes!

And if you would like to send a Christmas gift to your sponsored child, simply write the child's name on the back of a cheque and send it into the office. There's still time - just! More info here
The Construction Girls!
Find out about the Kira girls who are determined to give the boys a run for their money when it comes to bricklaying!
Want to give something back this Christmas and have fun at the same time? Why not hold a Saltrock party on behalf of Amigos and give your friends the chance to stock up on Christmas presents! We have rails of amazing cut-price Saltrock clothing - hoodies, t-shirts, wetsuits and more! We can also supply you with beautiful handmade African crafts - jewellery, scarves and bags - to sell too. Just give us a ring 01271 377664, email or drop into the office to discuss - 3 Boutport Street (Mermaid Walk), Barnstaple. 
THANK YOU! No lives would be changed, no families restored, no households transformed if it weren't for you. Thank you so much for supporting Amigos and believing in a better future for some of the poorest people in Uganda. 
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