Reaching Every Corner of Every Campus in WNY with the gospel
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Every Corner, Every Campus   

Maggie, a first-year PhD student from China, grew up in a context where faith was absent. At a Bible study on campus, Maggie shared, “I don’t know anything about Jesus, but I really want to learn about him. I was reading the Bible passage earlier today to prepare for the study and I felt a deep peace that I’ve never felt before. I don’t know if that’s Jesus, but I want to find out.” 
Celeste, a first-year law student, showed up to the law school prayer meeting and hesitantly shared, “I don’t know if I’m welcome here. I’m not a Christian, but I’m really struggling, and I feel like I need a faith community.” We, of course, affirmed Celeste and let her know that she is more than welcome.
Sonia, a first-year medical student, saw a friend showing up for a Bible study on campus and decided to follow her. After the study Sonia shared how she had been struggling with anxiety and that earlier that day she had broken down and felt crippled. Sonia went on to share, “I don’t really practice my faith and I can’t remember the last time I prayed, but I feel like my unplanned participation today is a nudge from God that he is with me and that I need to be here.” Since then, Sonia has become a regular participant in prayer, scripture study and witness on campus.

Maggie, Celeste and Sonia come from different corners of different campus in WNY, but they all have the opportunity to be part of a witnessing community on their campuses because people like you have prayed and invested both time and financial resources. 
The generosity of ministry partners like you over the last five years have made it possible to plant seven witnessing communities on four different campuses and gather a team of twenty-four student leaders who are collectively reaching nearly one-hundred students with the gospel. Thanks be to God!
While we celebrate what God has been doing, we are also mindful of the reality that there are unreached corners and unreached campuses in WNY. There are Maggies, Celestes and Sonias who do not currently have witnessing communities where they can explore their questions about Jesus and find the life that he has for them.
That is why, this year, we are focusing our year-end giving campaign on resourcing the next five years of reaching Every Corner of Every Campus. 

The goal for this Every Corner, Every Campus campaign is to raise $20,000 between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31.

Thanks to the generosity of partners who want to see every corner of every campus reached with the gospel, the first $10,000 that is raised during the campaign will be matched dollar for dollar. 
But this $10,000 match will only apply to recurring or annual commitments made to the schools listed below or to the WNY area. 
These campus-specific teams of partners will allow us to:  
  1. provide a sustainable pathway for more focused ministry to the individual campuses in WNY
  2. help on-ramp prospective campus staff who can give a concentrated effort to these campuses
  3. support continued planting initiatives to reach new corners and new campuses. 
Will you prayerfully consider making a year-end, tax-deductible gift or starting a monthly or annual commitment and have your gift matched so that the Maggies, Celestes, and Sonias can have the opportunity to hear, see and respond to the gospel?  
Specifically, will you prayerfully consider:
  • A year-end gift of $600 or $1,200, or 
  • A regular commitment of $50/month or $100/month?
If you are already a ministry partner, thank you so much! Would you prayerfully consider increasing your support by committing $25/month or $50/month to one of the schools below? 
You can increase your support or begin partnering to reach every corner of every campus via one of the links below. 
GFM to the University at Buffalo
GFM at the University of Rochester
Western NY Graduate and Faculty Ministries
I am looking forward to connecting with you in the coming days and sharing more with you about this pivotal opportunity to reach every corner of every campus with the hope of the gospel. 
Thank you for your partnership in planting and growing witnessing communities of graduate students and faculty on campuses across Western New York!


Partner in Prayer

  • For Maggie, Celeste and Sonia and the saving work of the Holy Spirit in their lives.
  • For the 24 student leaders who are leading witnessing communities of graduate and professional students to follow Jesus as whole life disciples. 
  • For the growth of these campus-specific partnership teams over the next two months.
  • For prospective staff and volunteers.
  • For the Christian Legal Society Conference (Nov. 1 - Nov. 3).
  • For the planning of the Faith in Healthcare Retreat on February 1.
Thank you for your partnership in this mission to plant and grow witnessing communities of graduate students and faculty who are calling every corner of every campus in WNY to follow Jesus as whole life, whole world disciples.

Your prayerful and financial partnership is pivotal for moving this mission forward. 

Thank you so much! 
Grace and Peace, 

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