Bikeshare Hawaii selects PBSC bike system with the help of the public
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Bikeshare Hawaii selects PBSC bike system with the help of the public

HONOLULU – The public spoke, and Bikeshare Hawaii listened! Bikeshare Hawaii today announced PBSC Urban Solutions as the bikesharing system for its scheduled launch in the summer of 2016. Bikeshare Hawaii is a non-profit project using public-private partnerships to bring a new, viable transportation option to urban Honolulu that will provide economic, health and ultimate convenience benefits for residents and visitors alike.
This past summer, Bikeshare Hawaii collected public input on four possible vendors, thanks to the generosity of the Honolulu Design Center, whose parking structure housed four different bikeshare systems. Two public open houses and multiple meetings with key leaders and community groups provided a chance for Honolulu to comment on each system. Of the four systems, PBSC Urban Solutions was selected as the favorite system by the largest number of respondents -- 40 percent of all visitors.
“Hawaii’s bikeshare system will serve Hawaii’s people so it was important that we listen to what people prefer and value,” said Lori McCarney, CEO of Bikeshare Hawaii. “This exciting project is a community effort and we will continue to seek public input in various aspects of our operation as we move towards launch.”
The PBSC Urban Solutions system offers a package that is ideal for the state of Hawaii and Honolulu’s urban core. The bike itself was popular amongst those surveyed because of its clean aesthetic, thoughtful design and attention to detail. It has a number of safety, security and handling features including active front and back lighting, front and rear internal brakes, and adjustable seat positioning. Based upon public comment, the seat will be adjusted so it can more comfortably fit shorter riders and basket options will be further explored.
This system uses smart docking stations that allow users to find where bikes are available and provides access to members and casual users via smart phone or transit card. These systems are easy to install, repair and remove. If a station needed to be moved for any reason it would not require excavation or damage to the urban environment. Even more notable, the system’s energy-efficient design uses wireless communication and is fully solar powered.
PBSC Urban Solutions vast experience, recognizable excellence and proven success in many other U.S. cities also made the vendor an attractive choice. Since 2009 the company has accumulated the largest bikeshare fleet with about 45,000 bikes worldwide including Chicago, New York City, Washington D.C., Boston, London, Montreal, Toronto, Minneapolis, Aspen, Chattanooga, Columbus, Melbourne, Guadalajara and the San Francisco Bay Area. This system also is used on campuses including Washington State University and Stony Brook University in New York.
“PBSC Urban Solutions will be a true partner to Bikeshare Hawaii as the system evolves over time,” said Ben Trevino, President and COO of Bikeshare Hawaii. “The company has the most robust technology team in the industry; they’re constantly working to improve their product and work closely with partners to ensure their technology fits each locations’ urban environment and public preferences. PBSC understand that every city is different and the flexibility in their system allows our design to be unique and special to Hawaii and its residents.”
“Another reason why PBSC Urban Solutions is an excellent choice for Hawaii is its vast experience and worldwide recognition,” added Trevino. “With fleets in premiere locations worldwide, visitors from around the world will be familiar with the system making it that much easier for people to get rolling immediately.”
“We are extremely excited to be working with Bikeshare Hawaii as they are the ideal partner, working diligently to ensure a sustainable program that fits Hawaii’s communities and climate, said Luc Sabbatini, CEO of PBSC. “We think Honolulu can be one of the world's signature bikeshare systems, and we look forward to working together to make that a reality."
Bikeshare Hawaii plans to launch its system in summer 2016. The system initially will include about 2,000 bikes at 200 stations from Waikiki to Chinatown, covering an area of approximately 7.2 square miles.
The major goal for the system is convenient mobility for people who live, work, or play in Honolulu.
Stations will be accessibly placed at key locations, with stations about one to two blocks apart, and be so ubiquitous that a customer never needs to worry about where to pick up or drop off a bike. The bikes are designed for short trips of one to four miles and will provide a cheaper, healthier, friendlier and often faster alternative to driving.
“Bikeshare Hawaii’s system will offer residents and visitors reliable transportation that will be healthy, fun and affordable,” stated McCarney. “It’s good for the health and convenience of users, the overall value we place on clean air, and provides another way for individuals to connect to their destination within urban Honolulu.”


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