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Kurdistan, (LMD) October 5, 2014 –  It’s nearly impossible to make sense of the terror and turmoil in the Middle East.

The headlines are filled with atrocities.

LMD's work in the Middle East does not make headlines—but if it did, one might say this:
Today A Child Chose to Stay in School, Not Go to War.

The news story would describe how LMD’s faithful supporters empowered that child and changed the course of her life.

That wouldn’t be the end of the story either. This one would reverberate across a lifetime, not just a news cycle.

LMD’s work is more important than ever. Hundreds of thousands are displaced and traumatized.

If this generation is allowed to grow up embittered and without hope, the future for the Middle East and the world will be even worse than the present.

Is helping those vast numbers even possible?

Yes it is. We help them one person at a time through a strong local network of teachers and social workers.

One person at a time is also how the bad guys work.

They understand that reaching individuals in a committed effort results in an exponentially 
expanding sphere of influence.

The children and families that LMD supports will be the leaders of tomorrow.

The New York Times recently looked at a neighborhood in Turkey known to be a fertile recruiting ground for the so-called Islamic State that is terrorizing the world.

A local social worker pinpointed the problem: “There are now seven mosques in the vicinity, but not one school. The lives of children here are so vacant that they find any excuse to be sucked into action.”
LMD keeps children in school and encourages creative expression through the arts. Creative self-expression is incredibly important to the rehabilitation of children and women displaced by war.

Recovery through art and music has been a high-priority for LMD for over a decade. It's a bulwark against extremists who prey on Muslim children.
Music for children is such a threat to the so-called Islamic State that one of their first acts after capturing Mosul was to ban it.

“The Islamic State Bans Art, Music, at Mosul Schools,” read a recent 
Associated Press headline. 
They know that they have to cut off freedom of expression and creative minds to maintain their false religion.

They recognize the power of music and art, and so should we.


Ultimately the LMD story will be about the victory of peace over war, because it is in committed support of individual children and families that the future can be changed.

It will be these children, touched by love, that grow up to beat the world’s swords into ploughshares.
A donation to LMD is a pointed and effective way to fight back against forces like the false and cruel Islamic State.
Your support really can make a difference!

Would you consider making an extra gift to support this good work?

Refugee children will determine peace or war.

Together we have the power to shape the future.

Help us make peace. And tell your friends: There is something they can do about the Middle East.

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