Oceania Highlights with Rugby Review
Oceania Highlights with Rugby Review
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How strong is YOUR password?


Oceania Highlights Cyber Security

This month's issue is dedicated to cybersecurity. There have been hacking attacks around the world that have left individuals and organizations vulnerable. In this issue we explore what is going on in cybersecurity and what we need to do on our work and home computer. Biggest suggestion is update your computers to the current version of not only your operating system but all of your software. Also, make sure that your anti-virus has been updated. 

If you have any questions, you can always contact me. 

Martin V Burrows Jr, 

Oceania Sport Information Centre

Check out this issue on Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery on Sport Analytics


Find, lock, or erase a lost android device

If you lose an Android phone, tablet, or Wear Watch, you can find, lock, or erase it. Find my Device is on by default for Android devices associated with a Google account


Group Demands Apple Pay Ransom for iCloud Credential

Apple has received a ransom threat from a hacking group claiming to have access to data for up to 800 million iCloud accounts. This is a reminder that Apples are prone to cybersecurity attacks as well.

How To Secure Your iPhone In 10 Easy Steps

The name says it all. 


Cyber Security

Petya virus is something worse than ransomware, new analysis shows

The article is a primer on how dangerous Petya was. It ceased being a ransomeware virus and was later classified as a wiper. Click to learn more.

Ten Ways Evolving Technology Affects Cybersecurity

Rise  in cybercrimes  is consistent with the growth of technology.

How to make your employees care about cybersecurity: 10 tips
Update your employees with the latest security vulnerabilities and train them on how to recognize and avoid them.

Scams may follow terrorist atrocities

Scams are perpetrated via unsolicited approaches by email, text, social media post, or by phone. They may be making bogus charity appeals for financial help.

Take Five to Stop Fraud

Take Five: five key things to remember.

Cyber criminals 'could target smart phones in bid to hold

users to ransom

Smart phones, watches, televisions, and fitness trackers could be targeted by

cyber criminals seeking to hold users to ransom over their personal data,

 Cyber Chiefs warn.

Scams may follow terrorist atrocities

Scams are perpetrated via unsolicited approaches by email, text, social media post, or by phone. They may be making bogus charity appeals for financial help.
Take Five to Stop Fraud

Take Five: five key things to remember.

Data Encryption

Protect from unauthorized access (British resource site on cybersecurity)
Stealing EHRs is better for cybercriminals than stealing credit cards

No-nonsense cyber security: 10 things you

never know were necessary

How can you use common sense to keep you safe online from advanced pieces of malware and cyber criminal masterminds?

Why Your Phone Is Burning A Privacy Hole

In YourBack Pocket

In modern-day, mobile phones are used for much more than messaging and calling.

But their increasing tools have meant that our personal data is vulnerable


Google Neutralizes Docs Phishing Scam
A phishing scam that surfaced earlier this week used Google Docs in an attack against at least 1 million Gmail users.

Cybersecurity today: Turning positive with new thinking and innovation

How information security is changing on several levels and how modern security teams are now looking at their responsibility in their companies as enabling new business.

Recognizing the New Face of Cyber-Security

Threats, risks and dangers related to cyber-security are changing. CIOs must respond with a well-defined strategy and the right mix of processes and tools.

Phishing In All Its Forms Is a Menace to Small Businesses
Phishing, SMiShing and Vishing (seriously) are cyberthreats harried business owners need to watch for.

Cyber-security and privacy are top tech challenges for organisations
A majority of large global companies (55 percent) only conduct an IT audit risk assessment on an annual or even less-frequent basis.

4 questions businesses should be asking about cybersecurity attacks
Examples of real-world IT questions and how they could be answered.

Two-factor FAIL : Chap gets pwned after 'AT&T falls for hacker tricks
Time to dump SMS and switch to code-generating apps or tokens
It's now 2017, and your Windows PC can still be pwned by a Word file
Microsoft has begun its 2017 with the release of four updates to address security holes in Windows and Office, while Adobe has posted fixes for more than three dozen vulnerabilities in Flash and Reader


';--have i been pwned?

Check if your have an email account that has been compromised in data breach.

Cyber criminals are sharing millions of stolen university email credentials
If you have a .edu e-mail address, beware: The account name, password and other personal information associated with that account may be listed online for cyber criminals to buy.


Password reuse, credential stuffing and another billion records in Have I been pwned
Because of the nature of the data coming from different places, if you're in there then treat it as a reminder that your data is out there circulating around and that you need to go and get yourself a password manger and create strong, unique passwords
Password guidance summary: how to protect against password-guessing attacks
How organisations and individuals can protect themselves from password-guessing attacks.

How OneLogin Was Compromised and the Lessons for the Rest of Us
As painful as breach incidents are for the service provider and affected companies, they also offer a teaching moment.

Protecting Athletic Venues from Cyber Threats
Entryways and exits, concourses and corridors, seating areas overlooking major security threats.

IAAF Statement - Release of Information Following Cyber Attack

 So it’s real here. You can’t afford to ignore cybersecurity (This does happen is sports)

Sports Threat Intelligence-Sharing Group Formed
USA based group that shares breaches and hacks that happen in the sports community.

Have a good Weekend!!!



Group Demands Apple Pay Ransom for iCloud Credentials

Group Demands Apple Pay Ransom for iCloud Credentials


Group Demands Apple Pay Ransom for iCloud Credentials

Group Demands Apple Pay Ransom for iCloud Credentials







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