Oceania Highlights
Issue 3 2016
Sport and Climate Change

15 March 2016

Hello Oceania Sports Community,

Welcome to the third issue of Oceania Highlights. In this issue we will be focusing on the topic of sport and climate change.
What is climate change? Climate change is simply a change in the earth's weather patterns over a period of time. It is a common belief that the change of climate is due to the increased use of fossil fuels. Nevertheless, as the climate changes there will be changes such as rising sea levels, land loss, warmer temperatures and animal species moving.

What is the impact of climate change on sport? The impact is tremendous. The loss of land due to rising sea levels could mean that there are fewer rugby fields to play rugby.  The volatility of temperatures could bring new diseases. If temperatures rise there could be issues of heat exhaustion and a refusal to compete in outdoor sports.

I think that climate change happens naturally, just look at the ice age. However, I do believe that there are things we can do to soften the blow of climate change. See some links to what is already going on in the Pacific and the world. Have a good read.

Next issue will be on Nutrition.

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Climate Change: Pacific Resources

There are also many climate change groups and pages on FB and Linkedin.

Climate Change and Pacific Islands
This is the MOOC on climate change by the Pacific Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development (PaCE-SD). I mentioned it in the last issue. Maybe in the near future there will be a sport and climate change module. I will keep the sports community informed in future issues or through social media. Click on the PaCE-SD link and there are more resources on climate change.

Pacific Climate Change Portal
This portal is everything climate change for the Pacific.

Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme(SPREP)
Climate change resources.

Pacific Climate Change Science
An older initiative that was funded by AusAid and was active from 2011-2014. There is good information concerning climate change that is still relevant today.

Sport and Climate Change Advocacy in The Pacific

Can Sports Environmentalists Aid in the Fight Against Climate Change?
A perfect introduction to this section.

An Olympic Weightlifter is Losing his Home to Climate Change
Vice Sports has an excellent article about David Katoatau's journey on sharing the effects of climate change on Kiribati.

Marshall Islands Sport and Environment Program (FB Page)
A program of the Marshall Islands National Olympic Committee (MINOC) that uses sports and Marshall Islands' elite athletes to promote environmental awareness and conservation in the Marshall Islands, as well as bring awareness to environmental issues and climate change globally.

Sustainable Coastlines
Sustainable Coastlines works with ONOC's Athlete's Commission to spread environmental awareness and create environment ambassadors.

Support for Climate Change
Fiji Times article about sportswear company BLK advocating for climate change awareness at the Bayley's Fiji Coral Coast 7s tournament earlier this year in January.

Rugby and Climate Change

Climate Warrior Pacific Islands Set Eyes on Rugby World Cup
Climate Home's article about the Pacific Warrior documentary that talks about the challenges of Fiji, Samoa and Tonga. The documentary is concerned with how these countries prepare for the Rugby World Cup with minimal resources and how they are prone to natural disasters and climate change.

Pacific Warriors Trailer

Pacific Warriors Facebook Page

Haka'tautai Rugby Team Spread Awareness on Global Warming
This is from EMTV and demonstrates how a rugby team from Tasman, Fead and Morlock group of islands and how they raise awareness on rising sea levels and warming effects of climate change.

Sport and Climate Change Resources

Sustainability and Legacy Commission(IOC)
The former Sport and Environment Commission of the International Olympic Committee.

United Nations Environment Programme's(UNEP) Sport and the Environment
UNEP promotes the integration of the environment and sports by using sports as a vehicle to promote environmental awareness and respect for the environment.

Green Sport Alliance
The Green Sports Alliance leverages the cultural and market influence of sports to promote healthy, sustainable communities where we live and play. We do so by inspiring sports leagues, teams, venues, their partners and millions of fans to embrace renewable energy, healthy food, recycling, water efficiency, species preservation, safer chemicals and other environmentally preferable practices. Alliance members represent more than 300 sports teams and venues from 20 different sports leagues and 14 countries. Check out the resources section.

Sports Environment Alliance
This Australian organization is empowering sports organizations to become environmental stewards.

Litefoot is a charitable trust led by top sportspeople. Since 2008 they’ve been competing against each other to see who can reduce their environmental impact the most. Their purpose is to inspire New Zealanders to be environmental champions.

The Climate Institute of Australia
The sport and climate impacts section is tailored for Australia but can easily be applied to the Pacific. There are some great interviews at the bottom of the page from Olympians and sport administrators.

Green Sports Blog
Lew Blaustein's posts concerning the intersection of green and sports.

I hoped you enjoyed this issue. Have a good day.

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Issue 3 2016