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It has been long in the making but now it is here: our newsletter with its international questions, published in three languages. Five experts have been thinking about current issues in teacher education and are exploring what young people today need on their way to becoming teachers. Beware of high-tech companies pushing into schools! Our piece examines how Google, Facebook and Twitter enter the classroom via the back door. Have you ever wondered where your pupils feel at home? Do they feel at home in their identity, culture, language and religion taught at school? Last but not least: The world today needs courage and innovation. In this connection we are including a short film from Italy which shows how a high school explores new avenues.
We hope you enjoy the reading experience! Your editors.
1100 Schools and The Challenges of Teacher Education
Currently, there are 1100 Steiner Waldorf Schools worldwide. One of the challenges to do with this development is the education or professional training of new teachers. Waldorf Resources has interviewed five experienced adult educators about their current tasks… more
From Outer Authority to Inner Morality
Dorit Winter calls us to question our authority, to strive for objectivity, to remain firm and thus to practice good habits. If we achieve these goals, today’s young people will be ready to face the world; a world in need of independent thinking, creativity and an inner compass… more
Googlification in the Classroom
The posters on the classroom wall say, ‘Dream!’ ‘Laugh!’ It seems ironic that these posters remind us of a childhood which is long gone. Some third graders are sitting on plastic boxes. There are also some high tables with iPads where some of the children are busy posting and twittering… more
Creativity and innovation – challenge your thinking!
Becoming a Steiner teacher certainly helped me to further develop my creativity and imagination, however I never really thought about ‘innovation’ or what this might mean and generally used the words, creativity and innovation a bit interchangeably… more
Engaging (or not) with community
Neil Boland suggests that we scrutinize time, place and community. Does everyone experience a sense of belonging within the school? Which communities are represented in school? Does the curriculum reflect every community or only the European middle class?… more
Forces of courage and Waldorf education
In the Waldorf school movement, the question of courage is simultaneously the question of being open to higher impulses, inspirations, intuitions. It is a question of the identity of Waldorf schools and is connected with their task in our culture. Every teacher needs courage which will encourage and inspire their work… more 
Polyhedric educational experiences
The main focus of this video is the recent development of the upper classes of the Scuola Novalis. The Libera Scuola Steiner-Waldorf “Novalis” is situated in north-eastern Italy, in the pleasant pre-alpine area of Conegliano (famous for Prosecco wine!), between the Dolomites to the north and Venice and the Adriatic Sea to the south.… more
Puberty as the Gateway to Freedom
The following article has two goals: First, it shows how Steiner's view of the development of young people can be deepened if we include the results of brain research. Second, the author suggests a method of how to approach Steiner's spiritual images which often seem rather difficult to understand.… more
Given the Night – Part IV
Normally, we only consider the ‘day side’ or the conscious aspect of a conversation. It would be rather unusual to speak of a ‘continuation in the night’ - or of the subconscious aspect of a conversation. However, this is exactly what we are trying to explore in this paper… more
Having 28 daughters. Waldorf Education in India
An interview with Manorama Kamineni, Sloka Waldorf School Hyderabad… more
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