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My name is Deb Ramsey and I am so happy that you stopped by my site to hear about the good news that I want to share with you. As you may already know, I launched my blog site about 4 years ago.  I created it with a VISION and hope that I could connect with people that had similar interests as mine but dared to think out-the-box and believe that anything is possible, if you just believe!  My PASSION to introduce others to new things, daring them to be different, became a challenge for me on a daily basis as I searched myself deeply to create blogposts that others would be interested in reading.  Almost 4 years and 315 posts later, I still have FAITH that my dreams will come true one day!  In an effort to start my own business, now for the 3rd time, I thought about everything that I have done up until this point as it pertained to entrepreneurship. I searched my heart too and I really thought about what makes me happy and what I'm really gifted in.  Well, I'm good at a lot of things...LOL!!  I'm kidding but I have many interests and I keep quite busy with creative, imaginative and crafty projects, all the time.  After thinking about everything, I realize that I absolutely love to crochet, I love to write and I love to create my own ideas for events, holidays and for my blog site.  You see, is truly a platform for me where I can be me, my true self, without any barriers.  I love blogging, coaching, consulting, crafting and crocheting!  The question was, how do I bring it all together, to work as a business?  

Welcome to Works!  Yes, it's an expansion to the blog site that already shares so much of what you encounter on a daily basis just by living from day to day.  By adding Works to, I'm now able to share so much more with my social media audience and expand further on the ideas I enjoy blogging about.  I have already added my first product brand, Crochet Lap & Nap Throwbacks!  It's an "old favorite" with a "new twist."  I'm tapping into a talent that I have had since I was 9 years old.  I crochet pretty good and "yes", this is another  gift that I was blessed with!  I've always loved to crochet for fun and recently, I started thinking about how I could do what I love and at the same time, incorporate it as part of  I love using my hands to create things and craft things, so I decided that I wanted to begin tapping into "all" of my gifts to make this "one" BIG DREAM a reality!  I have a lot planned for my new business and I'll be posting what's next, very soon.  For now, my introduction post is up and circulating for you to check out. 

Again, thank you to all of my subscribers and to all that simply follow  to see what I'm doing lately...LOL!! 
I am a Believer, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Daughter of the Best Mom in the world, Certified Professional Creativity Coach (CPC, ELI-MP), Blogger, Writer, Craft Enthusiast, Industry Consultant, Retired DoD Senior Logistics Analyst, Certified Interior Decorator and a Trailblazer for Women.  I believe that nothing is impossible, when you have faith.  Even when you are not sure if you can achieve what you have set out to do, try it anyway!  You'll be ok and you may surprise yourself, on just how well you did!  Embrace those out-of-the-box challenges, run to them and stay encouraged throughout the race.  I am a believer and by you subscribing to my newsletter, I know you are a believer as well, in whatever your destiny is and for whatever dream you are chasing.  Just like me, you still believe you can get there!  Let's journey together, share, explore, learn and stay connected.  I love to communicate and I'm always exploring new things that I can learn to do.  I'll share what I know and look forward to learning new things from you also!



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