Today's Marketing Tip: The Elevator Pitch
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Welcome to the Inaugural Issue of The VortexLee Taylor, Red Rock Communications

Good Morning!

After creating marketing programs for my clients for years, I thought it was about time to do some marketing for my own company, Red Rock Communications. As the old adage goes,"The Cobbler's Son Has No Shoes".... and it's time to give him something to wear!

Each issue of The Vortex will showcase a Marketing Tip or story to help you strengthen how you are marketing your business. It will be a short read, I promise.

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I hope you are already getting the biggest bang for your marketing dollars. If not, Red Rock can help. 

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Lee Taylor

Creating your “Elevator Pitch”  (or your Positioning Statement)  Can you tell a prospect what you do and why they should buy from you in the time it takes to ride an elevator up a couple of floors?   Today, you only have seconds to break through the clutter and convince your prospect that you exist and why you are their best choice.  What makes your product or company special? How do you set yourself apart from your competition? If you have no point of difference or provide no unique benefit, why should you expect anyone to support your business?  A Simple, Fill-in-the Blank Formula for Creating a Positioning Statement.   Here’s an easy way to create your Elevator Pitch. This two sentence message succinctly communicates to your prospects what you are offering and how they will benefit from it. The second sentence tells them how or why you are is different from your competition.   (Company / Product / Person) is a (What) that / who provides your (Primary Target Audience) with (Primary Benefit).  This (Company / Product / Person) is different from others because (Primary Difference).  It seems easy, but filling in the blanks can be a daunting task. Marketing is not just broadcasting your name and contact info. You have to be able to clearly articulate who you are and why you are the better choice … seconds. Can your employees do that?  Red Rock has years of experience helping clients develop their Elevator Pitch.  Can we help you develop yours? Call Red Rock (314) 645-0011 or e-mail us.
Red Rock Communications functions as an outsource marketing department for small-to-mid size companies and as a project-specific Marketing / Product Manager for larger companies.  Why Red Rock?  We are literally a one-stop shop for marketing services. In addition to providing traditional marketing services, we have the internal capability to produce creative materials – collateral, digital media and advertising materials.  Red Rock’s Concept is simple. We believe it’s smarter to use your marketing dollars on programs that will grow your business than it is to spend your funds on supporting the overhead and administrative costs of an in-house marketing staff.  We are there when you need us but invisible when you don’t. Call or e-mail us today!
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