Today's Marketing Tip: Body Language
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Lee Taylor, Red Rock CommunicationsGood Morning!

Thanks for your many comments about the first issue of The Vortex. I'm glad you enjoyed it. A lot of your suggestions have been incorporated into this issue. Keep those e-mails coming!

Where Have all the Handshakes and Eyeballs Gone?

Red Rock's definition of marketing is "to create an environment that makes your customer appreciate doing business with you."  In today's digital era where all communication seems to be done via e-mails and Facebook posts, it is important to remember the written word doesn't always tell the whole story. That's why we've dedicated this issue to body language and vocal intonations.

How are you communicating with your suppliers? How are your employees interacting with your customers? If it's all e-mail and text messages, be careful that your customer is really "hearing" what you are actually trying to say.
Emoticons (click here if you aren't sure what they are!) are helpful but they are no replacement for eye-to-eye contact and watching how someone reacts when you are trying to build a strong, lasting, personal relationship.

Marketing goes way beyond advertising and websites. The strongest companies and brands are built on personal relationships. Don't hide behind your computer and text messages. Get out and shake a hand.

I hope you are already getting the biggest bang for your marketing dollars. If not, Red Rock can help. 

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Lee Taylor

What e-Mails, Texting, Tweeting or Posting Can’t Communicate. Hint: Words are Only 5% of Your Message.  Today, being a good communicator is tough work, especially when most of our personal interactions seem to be done through the internet. Posts on Facebook, Tweets and e-mails can get your message out to a wide audience, but how are your customers, suppliers and friends really “hearing” you?  What you say is only 5% of the message. How you say it is key.  The written word is just a small part of the communication process. Your body language, vocal intonations, and the environment put the true meaning to what you are saying.   The 4 Parts of Communication (Verbal & Non Verbal)                                                             Impact Value • Words  		     	    5% • Vocal Intonation  	  30% • Body Language 	  45% • Environment 		  20% 			          100%  Words and Vocal Intonations  Unless you are using video or speaking on the phone, vocal  intonations are virtually non-existent. How you say your words  has a tremendous impact on your message.  Think about this exercise: How many ways can “I think Bill can do it”.  be interpreted? .... at least five, maybe more:  “I think Bill can do it.”   (I’m quite sure Bill can do it.”) “I think Bill can do it.”  (Unspoken doubt Bill can do it) “I think Bill can do it.”  (I think Bill can do it, but not sure others can,) “I think Bill can do it”   (Bill can do it... contrary to what others think.) “I think Bill can do it.”  (Confident Bill can do it, but not sure about                                           his ability to do other things.)  Body Language  Note that Body language accounts for 45% of how your message  is received. Words alone won’t cut it. If your body language conflicts  with what is being said, you are fighting an uphill battle in getting your message across. Your posture, hand gestures, head position, facial  expressions and eye contact can positively or negatively impact your  message. For a chart of body language and performance expectations, click here.   Red Rock has years of experience helping clients develop their develop their communication skills.  We can help you develop yours. Call Red Rock (314) 645-0011 or e-mail us.                                                                                                                                              
Red Rock Communications functions as an outsource marketing department for small-to-mid size companies and as a project-specific Marketing / Product Manager for larger companies.  Why Red Rock?  We are literally a one-stop shop for marketing services. In addition to providing traditional marketing services, we have the internal capability to produce creative materials – collateral, digital media and advertising materials.  Red Rock’s Concept is simple. We believe it’s smarter to use your marketing dollars on programs that will grow your business than it is to spend your funds on supporting the overhead and administrative costs of an in-house marketing staff.  We are there when you need us but invisible when you don’t. Call or e-mail us today!
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