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Volume 3 Issue 1

In Pursuit 

We are all in pursuit. I’m in pursuit of a healthy and disciplined lifestyle and it’s my goal to bring as many as possible on that same journey. I believe after faith and family, health is the single greatest investment you can make here on Earth. It takes a lot of time, energy, resources and hard work to get there. But if you trust the process and have a good understanding of true health and progressions, you’ll realize you can accomplish more that you think

Sometimes it’s hard for me to promote a health lifestyle so much because it can so easily come across as judgmental and pushy. I think people often think it’s easy for me to stay in shape, be disciplined, like I have it all figured out. I am proud of the fitness I’ve built and I believe leading from the front is important. But I assure you it is a struggle every week for me. Maybe ‘struggle’ isn’t the right word... let’s go with ‘challenge’. That’s a word trainers love: challenge. Family needs me, work has projects and tasks, I volunteer at church and work around the house and with neighbors. I’m busy, aren’t we all?! The old adage rings true: the shoemakers kids always go barefoot. It’s a challenge to be in the industry and still keep your fitness. At least it is for me... just being honest.

Clean, fresh, and smart start

I love clean starts, and this one is especially notable. Last week we started the second half of the year on a Monday - how’s that for a clean start? Now maybe I’m an over-zealous numbers guy but hear this: we have turned the corner at the halfway point of 2019. Let’s do an audit. 

  • Is it time to start something new? 
  • Do you need a refresh on a plan that’s already working? 
  • Do you need to wipe that drawing board clean and start over? 
  • Or is a slight tweak all that’s in order?

Earlier I talked about ‘leading from the front.’ I use that phrase a lot when talking with clients who are leaders of their businesses or have kids or other family members that I know look up to them for their fitness. So I encourage them to lead from the front, let their actions and lifestyle do the talking. Show people your hard work, don’t just talk about it. As Gary V says, let’s get out of the clouds with the planning and spend more time in the dirt putting in the hard work.

Double Down on Strength 

Over the last two years I’ve pushed a lot of clients (especially the ones looking to lose weight) into the weight room. Strength training is my number one objective when it comes to helping clients lose weight. The reason is that adding muscle mass increases your metabolic rate since muscle is more metabolically active than fat. What does that mean? The more muscle (lean mass) you have on your frame, the more your metabolism will be working for you! What’s the significance? You’ll be burning more calories during the 23 hours of the day you’re not working out - and that’s obviously a very good thing.

This message of doubling down on strength training has been very well received. I’ve been talking about it on Fit and Fabulous, Wisconsin Women, and even while I was on vacation I convinced a few people the importance of pushing heavy weights.

In regards to training dose, your goal should be three days of strength training per week. Everyone needs 48 hours recovery between lifting days, so a M/W/F schedule is typically best. Put together a whole-body lifting routine and let me know if you have any questions. 

Formula for Success

As I said, we are all in pursuit of something. Our money, our time, our efforts and our thoughts show us what we prioritize, what we value, and what direction we’re heading. Be kind to yourself, everyone’s in process. As we launch into the second half of the year, take 30-60 minutes one evening and audit your pursuit. Faith, family, and fitness are great places to start. 

I leave you with the words of Chris Hogan: I’m focused but not not finished.


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