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New blood pressure guidelines say 130 is high and half of adults have high blood pressure - The Washington Post: I already wrote about this on my blog back when this report came out. So I’ll just highlight the new here. In the past ‘high blood pressure was considered 140/90 and now it’s been reduced to 130/80. “The report's authors predicted that relatively few of those who fall into the new hypertensive category will need medication. Rather, they hope, that many found with the early stages of the condition will be able to address it through lifestyle changes such as improving their diet, getting more exercise and lowering stress.” As an exercise specialist that last part is the important take away - we need to move our society towards lifestyle changes in light of what we know (we know this) to be a significant risk factor for “heart disease, death, and disability.”

Apple Watch can detect hypertension: You can call me a fan boy, but I think it’s more accurate to call me a practitioner. My job is to put the best tools in your hands (in this case on your wrist) to reach the goals you’ve set for yourself. And in light of the first article in this newsletter I offer this advancement in technology. The Apple Watch (and presumably other wearables that can measure heart rate) can help detect sleep apnea and hypertension. As I noted in a previous newsletter, “All of a sudden a $400 device is not a luxury but a necessity if it can be used by patients with heart conditions while it’s paired with their health care provider.”

Whoa, that heart stuff is exhausting! But the American Heart Association - good people! So let’s stay with them for a little while longer. But we need a little pick-me-up. I don’t know a better candidate than a great cup of coffee, so here's Another Reason to Feel Good About Java. “For coffee drinkers, every 8-ounce cup per day reduced these risks by 7%, 8% and 5%, respectively, compared to people who didn’t drink coffee.” Two side notes. First detailed readers will notice that this is the third article that mentioned “machine learning” in the research. This is obviously the future and for a research-driven industry like health and fitness this is very exciting. 


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