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The Back to School Issue

No offense to Christmas, this is in fact the most wonderful time of the year. School is back, football is here, the weather is perfect (83 degrees!), and my next season of training started this week.

The fall may not elicit the emotions in you that it does in me, but for most of us September kicks off a new season in our lives. So what are you starting this fall?

I’m in the process of recertification which means a bunch of continuing education credits. This has lead me to a new exercise focusing on the major range of motion of the hips (7-way hips, for those who have worked that with me) and also rethinking some of my HIIT workouts. Additionally I’ve been spending some thinking through how stress affects cortisol levels which is part of the equation when trying to fasciliate weight loss, specifically belly fat. While this is not an area where I have lots of experience, I’m learning more every week since I have a client working hard to figure out workplace stress. This NPR piece has been a big encouragement to move towards the working adult at their place of employment. Does your place of employment need a wellness program?

As you all know, I am very interested in how technology can be a tool to help us pursue a healthy and disciplined lifestyle. This week Apple announced new phones and a new watch, but you may have missed the biggest news: the Apple Watch Study. I believe Apple will continue to make dents in the medical and health care field. Apple is trying to make their Watch a medical device that can detect heart problems. All of a sudden a $400 device is not a luxury but a necessity if it can be used by patients with heart conditions while it’s paired with their health care provider. The next step (as I discussed with an emergency room doctor this week) would be for exercise specialists to be deployed from the physicians’ offices to implement the exercise programming necessary to combat their heart problems. I’m simplifying this of course but imagine doctors being able to monitor the heart activity of hundreds of patients, leveraging technology to alert health care providers, and exercise physiologists taking the lead to get patients moving and exercising more. 

Speaking of exercise, it hasn’t changed in years. It’s not rocket science: it needs to be a decision, albeit a difficult one. Running has been shown over and over to be the best return on investment. This week I offer this from Men’s Journal:

Additionally strength training always seems to be the forgotten component of a solid fitness routine. But there are significant benefits only attained by lifting the iron. Time magazine’s Science of Exercise is a fantastic piece about the importance of keeping the weight room part of your week. “The only real way we can increase our metabolism, unless we take drugs, is to lift weights and maintain or increase our lean mass,” says Tucker. ”Doing so makes the body more sensitive to insulin, and therefore more durable against certain diseases."

Update on Best of Madison: Thanks to all who voted for me, I made it to the second round! The final round of voting starts Monday. You can only vote once this round. You’ll be hearing from me in the next couple weeks on social media and as you can imagine I’d certainly appreciate your vote (again or for the first time!). Pinnacle Health + Fitness is also up for club of the year.

Thanks for reading. Please share liberally!

- Hans

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