Why this Newsletter

We need strong people. Strong people contribute to strong families and businesses. Strong people in healthy families and businesses play a part in strong societies. And more than ever we need a stronger society. We need people who are in pursuit of a healthy and disciplined lifestyle. My work as a personal trainer has become so much more than just helping people exercise more. My four areas of focus are exercise, nutrition, stress and sleep. Those “big four” are what I consider as I help people become the healthiest versions of themselves they can be. This newsletter may be your next step to wellness. I’m constantly researching articles, reading people’s stories, and conversing with my clients about all things health and fitness. I take the best stuff and make it relevant and accessible to you, for free, so you can also be in pursuit. Remember, your pursuit is uniquely yours. If, for example, you only get six hours of sleep per night and deep down you know that’s not quite enough, maybe your next step is getting to 6.25 hours. That’s training. If you never take five minutes to meditate and your work or family stress seems unchecked, I will coach you to take five minutes per day and work towards a healthier stress level. That’s training. 

I hope each time you open From the Training Desk you can find something applicable to your pursuit of health. Thanks for reading, and as always happy training.

My weakness

Of the Big Four mentioned above, my weakness is certainly sleep. Here is my latest “quality sleep” data from my app Auto Sleep:

I'm not proud of that data but I'm proud of the effort I'm making towards getting that number (quality score) better. Those green points? Wow, waking up those mornings felt fantastic! That's my motivation, that's my encouragement to feel what a well-rested morning should be like more often. 

So how is your sleep? Do you feel well rested? What might you do to get a little more recovery each night?


While we’re on the topic of Hans’ weaknesses, let’s talk about lunches. Earlier this month I posed this to our members at Pinnacle: “This year I'm working in.” See that first one on the list? That's mine. 

I could eat healthier lunches, namely I'm trying to reduce (not eliminate) lunch meats. All I will say is that I’m off to a great start with this aspect of my wellness.


Pause. That's the first step I take when I move towards the stress in my life. What brings you joy? How do you pause the normal day and exhale? One great example from this week was my man Todd Durkin who filled his soul with his son and his dog on a beach walk. 


Try this on for size: it remodels your brain. Wha?! Now I'm not sure if that winds like a good thing or a bad thing to you, so allow me to clarify: it's a very good thing. All the science is there and we all know in our gut that if we had a little more time, a little more energy and a little more motivation we'd love to start an exercise routine. Allow me to coach you to greatness, yes greatness is your goal. Start with two workouts this week. If you need a simple place to start to could enroll in my free email program called Best January Ever

Don't worry, it really has nothing to do with the month and has everything to do with getting you stronger. And remember where this entire issue started. We need string people. 

Pick one

Of the Big Four, pick one to pursue this week let me know if you need any help, I'm happy to coach and consult. 


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