Volume II, Issue 1

In the health and fitness world it’s a big time of the year. As you can imagine there are a lot of new people in the gym and lots of discussion about how this year will be so much better than last year. I’ve done a good job with my clients talking about goals all year round, not just in December and January. My training philosophy works off of goals. When society thinks of our industry it often dismisses the notion of goal-setting probably because it’s so strongly associated with New Year’s resolutions which usually don’t work. And goals get a bad name. But in all other areas of our life including our professional lives in business and personal ambitions such as our family budgets, goals have a lot of power. 

Do yourself a favor: let go of any New Year’s resolution floating around in your head. Instead think of one specific aspect of your health that you’d like to improve. Just like you would at work, develop a goal such that by the end of the year you can evaluate yourself and measure your progress towards that goal. Think of your health from four angles: exercise, nutrition, rest/recovery, and stress. Now each of these has many sub-categories. For example exercise includes strength training, interval training, cardio and endurance training. But at the beginning of the year, the four health buckets should all be speaking to you. And one of them is speaking a little louder. In fact it’s time to develop a game plan to get better in that one area. 

I’ve put my goals in place for the year and they include two aspects of health: strength training and improved nutrition. I’ve done plenty of strength training over the years, especially in the context of half and full marathon training. But I’ve never put together a season (>6 months) of dedication to the weight room. In regards to my second pursuit this year, I’ve identified nutrition as an aspect of health that my clients need the most from me. It’s time to get a certification and get more expert knowledge to help people be as successful at the dinner table as they are in the training room. 

This first week of the year I’m just getting back into my reading routine for the newsletter. I didn’t get into my normal news feed and instead found myself reading some specific articles related to other aspects of my training philosophy, namely heart rate training and mental health. The new year for me is going to require the basics and also new training protocols. My clients have been talking about stress, nutrition is always at the top of people’s list, and at the end of the day our heart’s response to exercise a strong indicator of our health.

As we finish the first week of the new year and things start to level out from the holidays I hope you can take some time to audit your health and develop a game plan to make 2018 one of your best years.


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