Vol II, Issue 3 - Olympic Spirit

The Olympic Spirit was alive and well in our household for two wonderful weeks. While only watched one routine of figure skating, I couldn’t take my eyes off that downhill and short track. Bobsled were been a pleasant surprise this year. And cross-country skiing is a beautiful display of true exhaustion at that finish line. 

Maybe you’ve seen the post on Facebook: “every event should include an average amateur just as a reference point.” I love it! The skill of Olympic athletes is amazing. “Four years of training” doesn’t even begin to describe what these men and women have sacrificed, how hard they’ve worked, the adversity they’ve overcome. As you can imagine I love the athlete profiles, the stories behind the training, their families, their history. Everyone has a story - these just happen to be focused on what our culture values, namely sport. But as a trainer and coach I see sport as a bigger analogy for life. I see sport as competition - not has gold, silver or bronze but as ‘better than I was.’ With a healthy mindset, expert coaching, and a willing athlete, everyone can get better with training. Everyone can pick an aspect of their health and improve. We do it at work and we get a promotion. We do it with friends and walk away with warmth, trust, and respect. We do it with family and we see our kids flourish. We do it in our quiet talks with ourselves and we walk a little taller, see the world a little brighter. My hope is that we take the spirit of the Olympics, the power of sport and we lean into our health with intentionality. I want everyone around me to be in pursuit of health - not a gold medal but not just a participation ribbon. But rather the self-awareness to acknowledge that you’re better since you’ve started training and you’re looking ahead to what’s next.

My favorite medal of the Games

It wasn’t gold and it wasn’t even silver. But Lindsey Vonn’s bronze in the downhill spoke volumes to me. She had won the previous three World Cup races coming into this race. But in her post-race interview, she said she “laid it all on the line, that’s all I can do.” She’s now the oldest female skier in history and the most decorated. Her bronze was my favorite because she did everything she could: “I gave it my best best shot and I’m so proud.” You can login to Twitter to see the video clip. I commend her for her authenticity and sheer grit. What an effort! And this plays right into what I was talking about earlier: it’s not comparing ourselves to others (gold vs. bronze) that gets us to the top of the podium. It’s competing with ourselves and always striving to do better. 

My favorite local medal: Silver!

I'm happy to announce that I am the silver award winner in this year's Best of Madison's voting. It is an honor to help people pursue their health and fitness. I often say that it is a client's goals + my plan + their execution that makes for such a great team and eventually great results. 

This spring I encourage you to audit your health and consider the next action step to take your fitness to the next level. Maybe it's a regular exercise plan. Maybe it's your first 5K. Maybe it's your fastest 5K. Maybe it's better nutrition. Or maybe it's stress reduction. Whatever your game plan, I'm rooting for you and happy to help in whatever way I can.

Think Spring

March is here and as this is publishing the sun is out! Chilly? Yes. But work with it! Keep pushing those weights and workouts in the gym because we’ll be outside for full workouts soon! I was already out this week - did you see it on Instagram? Keep pursuing that health and remember what I said above: I'm rooting for you and happy to help in whatever way I can.

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