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Training Desk Vol. 1 Issue 22

<<First Name>>, I am particularly excited about this issue because I see these two articles directly affecting my work as a trainer and therefore the training sessions with my clients, which is a majority of the newsletter's audience. That's not to say they are focused to the exercise professional. I believe you can gain very applicable insight from both of these articles - they each present new mentalities on the macro-level of healthy living. 

Should Your Doctor Check Your VO2 Max?: The reason I love this article is because it moves conversations from the abstract and subjective to objective results and snapshots of true health. No one likes to be told they don't measure up, but everyone (if they are honest) wants to know exactly where they stand. Do not get lost in the numbers on this article; there are some compelling points to consider when assessing the level of your health. From the author: “Isn’t it better to know if your exercise routine isn’t getting the job done, rather than assuming that since you’re doing a “typical” amount you should be okay?”

In Defense of Fat: this article kept getting better and better. I really think this is the future. Of course as an exercise specialist, I want to say that exercise is the number one approach. Maybe it's splitting hairs what the true number one should be, but if we assume equal weight to changing exercise and changing diet, the later will be the one that's more important. 

    -    “It all started on Sept. 24, 1955, when then U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower suffered a moderate heart attack. Heart disease had been on the rise among middle-aged American men for years, and the president’s illness thrust the issue to the forefront.”

    -    “diseases related to obesity and diabetes are currently responsible for the deaths of two out of every three Americans.”

    -    “The advice to focus on calorie counting and low-fat diets to lose weight was based on weak science and has caused people great suffering while thwarting their sincere efforts to be healthy”


The goal of this newsletter is to sharing the articles I read each week with an audience that cares about the topic of health living. While that is a broad and even over-used phrase, it is accurate since I started sharing the Training Desk with my personal training clients (who are pursuing healthy lives). That said, another goal is to grow my readership for two reasons: first I want all people to be challenged to live the healthiest life they can, and second I want to increase my readership for the purposes of building this platform, brand, and business. So please consider sharing either an individual issue or an article with a friend or family. Sometimes a personal email is best, sometimes social media. If you're enjoying the The Trainnig Desk, feedback and sharing are always helpful.

Thanks for reading, and happy training!


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