As an exercise professional it has been over twenty years since I first took Exercise, Health and Nutrition at the University of Wisconsin. I credit that class as the reason I got into exercise science, physical education, and ultimately my career path. Beginning in that class and continuing for the next three years I learned about all the benefits of exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. But at the same time I was learning about population health that shows us not only is our culture not responding to this research, we’re actually regressing! And that was in 1998! It’s gotten even worse... but I’m here to report from the field. This week I read ”just another article about the benefits of exercise” but as a practitioner, I can tell you that at least four clients (and non-client members) have personally noted these benefits to me since either starting their training here in the new year or taking their training to the next level. Challenge: pick one of these seven benefits and try to make it a reality in February. I’m here to bounce ideas back and forth.

Once you refocus on your exercise for the week you’ll need to think through how you’re going to fuel and recover from those workouts. I know that sounds like next-level kind of stuff but stay with me. Let’s say you have a challenging meeting for work next week. Most likely you’ll put in a little work to prepare for it and if you have a healthy and productive appreciation for that meeting you’ll debrief afterwards to put the next steps into action. Treat your workouts just like that meeting: fuel and recover properly.

And while we’re talking discipline, let me put one last thought into your mind. I often tell clients that research has shown that more successful people workout in the morning rather than later in the day. Now there’s a lot of caveats here, plenty of situations where work and family don’t allow morning workouts for certain people. But as you go through this newsletter and audit your attitude about exercise and rethink your nutrition, finish it out thinking about your calendar and daily workflow. Workouts in the mornings (if they’re possible for you) will start the day off right, increase blood flow and creativity early, and allows for a strong check mark on your ToDo list: workout done! It’s worth considering how you might become a morning exerciser.

A New Project: Training Daily

I’m proud to announce that I’ve started a new project - I’m starting a vlog! It’s called Training Daily. For those that don’t know a vlog is a video blog. The idea is simple: document my pursuit of a healthy and disciplined lifestyle. This will include my personal workouts and nutrition, work with clients, commentaries on health and fitness trends, all with the goal of adding value to my audience. While it isn’t a substitute for personal training, I hope you will experience this vlog as a valuable place for information, inspiration, and a great story. I’ve filmed seven episodes, I’ve learned a lot and it’s getting better. The theme for this season is strength training and nutrition. I’ll be documenting other aspects of training but those are my priorities. I hope you’ll consider subscribing and sharing the link with friends and family if you feel they would benefit from Training Daily

With that I wish you the best in your health pursuit. I’m always available for questions or comments about this newsletter and just like the vlog if you feel this content would help someone in your life, please forward it and send them the link to subscribe themselves.

Happy training!


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