April 2017 Newsletter

Binzagr Vlog (Spanish translation)

We are delighted to share our fourth Vlog episode with Spanish subtitles (PRESUPUESTOS DEL ESTADO). The Binzagr Institute’s Vlog series “Jobs, Money, Debt: Economic Common Sense” by Mathew Forstater, Research Director at the Binzagr Institute and Professor of Economics at UMKC, is designed to debunk myths about unemployment, deficits, the national debt, and the monetary system, and to articulate how we can create sustainable prosperity for the 21st century. Watch, comment, share, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and stay tuned for more videos in the coming weeks and months. Watch the 4th episode here.

Save the Date: Sep. 21-24, 2017 in Kansas City, MO

The Binzagr Institute is thrilled to co-sponsor the 14th International Post Keynesian Conference in Kansas City, MO. Mark you calendars for September 21-24, 2017. More details will be announced soon.

Books by our scholars

This month we highlight Resolving the Climate Change Crisis: The Ecological Economics of Climate Change, by Philip Lawn, Research Scholar at the Binzagr Institute (details below). Stay tuned for next month's book highlight!

Resolving the Climate Change Crisis: The Ecological Economics of Climate Change (Philip Lawn)
This book explains why the climate change crisis is a symptom of a much larger underlying problem – namely, humankind’s predilection with continuous GDP-growth. Given this starting point, the world’s high-income nations must begin the transition to a qualitatively-improving steady-state economy and low-income nations must follow suit at some stage over the next 20-40 years. Unless they do, a well-designed emissions protocol will be as useless as the paper it is written on. Adopting an ecological economic approach, this book sets out why we must abandon the goal of continuous growth; how we can do so in a way that improves human well-being; what constitutes a safe atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases; and what type of emissions protocol and emissions-trading framework is likely to achieve a desirable climate change outcome. Failure of the world’s leaders to achieve these goals will not only put future human well-being at risk, it will threaten freedom in the liberal-democratic tradition and international peace. The book is available for purchase here

Updates from our Team

New Economy Project
Raúl Carrillo, Research Fellow at the Binzagr Institute, authored an article entitled "
How One Obscure Regulator Is Unleashing a Predatory Lending Hellscape" (April 3, 2017).
Robert Hockett, Research Scholar at the Binzagr Institute, published an op-ed article entitled "
Please 'Postpone the Acceptance,' Judge Gorsuch" (April 4, 2017).

Independent Australia
Steven Hail, Research Scholar at the Binzagr Institute, published an op-ed article entitled "
Budget Time: More Pointless Targets and Fewer Fiscal Solutions, ScoMo Style" (April 11, 2017).

Levy Economics Institute
Pavlina R. Tcherneva, Research Scholar at the Binzagr Institute, published a recent policy note entitled "
Inequality Update: Who Gains When Income Grows?" 

Real-world Economics Review
Pavlina R. Tcherneva, Research Scholar at the Binzagr Institute, published a paper entitled "
Trump’s bait and switch: job creation in the midst of welfare state sabotage."

Alexander Douglas, Research Scholar at the Binzagr Institute, published three blog posts: "
Does the Government Spending pay for itself?" (April 9, 2017), "Macroeconomics - a view from the peanut gallery" (April 24, 2017), and "Infinite Peanut Policy - Reply to Romanchuk" (April 25, 2017).

Sandy Brian Hager's blog
Sandy Brian Hager, Research Scholar at the Binzagr Institute, published a blog post entitled "
Why should we teach students about the history of economic thought?" (April 11, 2017)
John T. Harvey, Research Scholar at the Binzagr Institute, published
an op-ed entitled "Why U.S. Monetary Policy Makes No Sense" (April 14, 2017).

Real Progressives
Fadhel Kaboub and Steven Hail, Research Scholars at the Binzagr Institute, were interviewed by Steve Grumbine on The Real Progressives show.
You can watch Fadhel's interview here (April 4, 2017) and Steven's interview here (April 11, 2017).

Bloomberg Radio
Robert C. Hockett, Research Scholar at the Binzagr Institute, was featured in two interviews with Bloomberg:
"Bloomberg Law Brief: Walters Convicted Guilty" (April 11, 2017) and "Ocwen Sued Over Improper Mortgage Handling" (April 25, 2017).

Yonkers Tribune
Owen M. Levin-Waldman, Research Scholar at the Binzagr Institute, wrote an op-ed entitled "
The Reality of Wage Setting" (April 25, 2017).

Conatus News
Alexander Douglas, Research Scholar at the Binzagr Institute, was interviewed by Scott Jacobsen about the philosophy of economics in a piece entitled:  article entitled "
Q&A on the Philosophy of Economics with Dr. Alexander Douglas - Session 1" (April 25, 2017).

International Journal of Development Issues
Luis Villanueva, Research Scholar at the Binzagr Institute, published a paper entitled "
Are manufacturing workers benefiting from trade? The case of Mexico’s manufacturing sector?" (Vol. 16, N. 1, April 2017). You can download the paper here.
Sara Hsu, Research Scholar at the Binzagr Institute, published five new op-eds on the state of the Chinese economy: "
This is Why China Wants its Inflation Rate to Pick up" (April 3, 2017), "Syria Strikes Complicate U.S.-China Meeting for Xi
Jinpings" (April 7, 2017), "China Hopes Xiongan New Area will Relieve Pressure on Congested Beijing" (April 9, 2017), "In China, Drone Delivery Promises to Boost Consumption ... Especially in Rural Area" (April 13, 2017), "The Challenges China's Booming Fintech Sector will Need to Tackle for Longterm Growth" (April 24, 2017). You can follow Sara's columns on here.

Call for Proposals: Binzagr Palgrave-Macmillan Book Series

We are delighted to announce a partnership between the Binzagr Institute and Palgrave Macmillan to publish a new book series on Sustainable Prosperity. This series is co-edited by Mathew Forstater, Fadhel Kaboub, and Michael J. Murray. Please contact the co-editor to submit your book proposals.

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