New Video and book package on the website.
Announcing the new “Rootless Lite” video/workbook/practice tracks package.

Hello jazzy Pianists,
I have added a new, “Rootless Lite Video Lesson” and workbook to the website! 
I designed it to be an introduction to the very cool and sophisticated
jazz 9 and 13th chords. Even if you have the full, advanced lesson,
(Rootless Jazz Chords - Heavy Version) I think you will enjoy this new approach to the subject and find it is loaded with new information and useful jazz tips. The rootless chords are the pathway to the 9,11 and 13 chords.

The new Rootless Lite Package, which contains the video lesson, the workbook and practice tracks will sell for $35.99. 
But wait! There’s a 30% discount code available for one week on the rootless items for everyone who’s on my mailing list. Link here to the website and put in the code you see below.

The code is available to use on any of the rootless products, whether sold separately or bundled. You can even apply the discount code to the Big Rootless Package-Heavy for $42.00 which combines the more advanced, complete Rootless Jazz Chords Video with the Rootless Lite Package! Check out the description of the advanced video on the website.
Go to the website and put in the following code in caps.
The coupon code is: ROOTLESS (all caps)

More about the new Rootless Lite Package
Between the Rootless Lite video and the workbook, you will learn to make the rootless jazz chords in ii-V-I patterns in three keys, and learn how to use those patterns to play the chords for Misty
The package includes a one-hour video lesson, a 35-page workbook and a rhythm track video that visually walks you through a practice tune, so you can make music with the band while playing the rootless chords and a simple solo. The song is a jazz arrangement of a familiar tune that I’ve retitlled, 
Mary’’s “Hip” Little Lamb, which I hope you will find fun and entertaining.
The chord patterns in this simple arrangement are typical jazz chord changes and can be applied to the lots of other standards.You can also order the workbook alone if you’d like. Just go to the Cocktail Piano page on the website and you’ll see it listed with the rootless chords lessons.
Two new YouTube lessons!
I just posted a new YouTube lesson that elaborates on the topics that are in the new rootless chords lesson.
You can also see some segments of the new lesson itself by clicking on the ad for it on the website, or on the link below.
Attention Open Voicings Study group members…
Those of you in the open voicings study group will receive a free short lesson from me in the coming days on how to improve the sound of the dominant chords that we’ve been using in our song studies.
If anyone is interested in joining in with this group and learning how to play standards from a fakebook using open voicings, click here or just send me an email. (

The growing list of tunes in the study so far is: Blue Moon, Sentimental Reasons, Fly Me to the Moon, Autumn Leaves  and One Note Samba

Pianistically yours,

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