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April 11, 2020
FREE video lesson series on Youtube.
Chord basics – Part Two.
Hi Pianists,
I’ve just posted another free video on Youtube to hopefully brighten your enforced stay-at-home experience. Part two focuses on the minor chord. The video is about six minutes long and in it I show you some fun and easy things to do with minor chord as you work through the challenge of playing all the minor triads in 12 keys.
This is the second one in the new, free series of video lessons for you who might have a little extra time on your hands and some interest in improving your chord concept at the piano. As you work through the video, you’ll see that there is nothing minor about the minor chord. This chord can create a big impact on the emotions. It can be simply poignant, or can be SCARY!!! Pay attention when you go through the exercises to notice what emotions you feel.

Chord basics (Part Two) - Minor chord challenge.
This lesson is easy, just like the major chord lesson. But I challenge you to play all of the minor chords, not just look at them and say, “Big deal, I can do that.” My challenge to you is, if it looks so easy to you, prove it to yourself that you can do it.  There also are some suggestions about doing fun things with both the major and minor chords that you can entertain your friends with. 
Remember, you need to be able to play all of the minor chords well enough that you don’t stumble. Prove to yourself that you can do something so simple without mistakes. 
Here is a link to the new lesson. 
Part Two – Minor chords (and fun things)

Here is a link to the first lesson in case you missed it:

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Stay safe in this stay-at-home period. Don't let anyone play your piano unless they are wearing gloves. (Just kidding) 😎 I will be sending you another free lesson next week.

Musically yours,
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