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March 30, 2020
Chord basics – Part One.  
FREE video lesson series on Youtube
Hello Fellow Pianists,

Now that all of us have enforced, stay-at-home time, I’ve decided to start a new series of video lessons for you who might have a little extra time on your hands and some interest in improving your chord concept at the piano. They will be mostly short lessons, 5-8 minutes long. They are FREE and I hope you will find them interesting and easily digestible. 
If one of your personal goals is to read and play music by chord concept then this free video series can help you fill in some of the basics that might be missing in your evolving efforts at the piano. The basics are like the strong primary colors in an artist’s pallet. Later we make all the subtle color hues, but we need to get a good understanding of our basic colors first. The basics can be musical, creative and fun. There’s certainly no need to make them boring.  
Chord basics (Part One) - Major chord challenge.
I will be going over some very basic chord concepts that I challenge you to challenge yourself to see if you can do them. They are easy, especially the beginning ones. But easy as they are, I challenge you to try them. Not just look at them and say, “Big deal, I can do that.” My challenge to you is, if they are so easy, prove it to yourself that you can do them.
Understanding the basic chords forms a strong foundation to build upon for later evolving them into sophisticated jazz chords. Without a strong foundation, you can’t build a strong house.
We will be doing all this easy stuff in all twelve keys. So, when I say, “Play this simple major chord,” I want you to see if you truly can run it in all twelve keys. You certainly don’t have to prove it to me. You have to prove it to yourself, and not just by playing it one time through. You need to play the chords well enough that you don’t stumble. By proving to yourself that you can competently do something so very simple, in the doing, you will be improving your piano concept and musicianship immeasurably. Too many piano students only learn things in a few keys and even have trouble playing simple chords built on the black notes. This limits one’s creativity.
So, this lesson series is FREE. I am planning on sending you a new one every five to seven days. They are short so you can check them out easily and check out your own ability to perform these simple piano-chord basics. 
Here is a YouTube link to the first lesson:
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Stay safe in this stay-at-home period. Doing some creative things can help provide some stress relief and stop the worrying for a while. And don't let anyone play your piano unless they wash their hands first! 
Musically yours,


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