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Kremer Pigments NYC is OPEN for Walk-ins Wearing a Face Mask!

Hello Kremer Pigment Friends, 

We know it's been a long year already, but welcome to late summer! We're very happy to announce that Kremer Pigments NYC is open again for in-store shopping for those wearing a face mask.

We were closed for almost two months this spring, though we kept our website open for you to place unpaid quotes. Our general manager kept us afloat by shipping out orders once a week when it was safe to do so. Now that we are back working, this process will go faster. We've been working through all of your quotes as quickly as possible. Thank you for all of your patience along the way. As always, don't hesitate to email us if you have a question, concern, or request related to your order. Email is the best way to get a hold of us right now. We promise to get back to you as quickly as we can.

(We understand it has been frustrating and difficult to get us on the phone. Our sincerest apologies for not being able to take every phone call at this time. We are working diligently to get all orders out as soon as possible. With the current staff we simply cannot get to all phone calls. For the month of August, we are only answering phones from 9 am to 1 pm EST in order to make sure we have enough time to ship out all order requests possible that day. We promise to go back to our regular phone answering schedule in September or as soon as time permits.)

Monday - Friday
9 am - 5 pm
CLOSED Saturday & Sunday

During the pandemic, requests for products didn't slow down even though we were forced to close. We were not considered an essential business. In fact, order requests surged as evidence that we are all creating and painting a bit more in these uncertain times. Many requests were from first-time customers who just found out about our special colors. Please understand these delays and lapse in communication is not common for us. The pandemic has presented all of us with a variety of unexpected challenges. You can trust that our commitment to offering you the best pigments and raw materials in the world is unwavering. We received a lot of encouraging emails from long-time customers as we all weathered the turmoil together. We are forever grateful for your support and wish you all health and safety. 

Whatever the next few months bring, you can let our pigments take you all over world. Even if you're not going out at all, we'll bring you earth from so many places: French Ochres, Italian Siennas, German Umbers, Chinese Cinnabar, and South American Lapis. We hope you can use your work as a way to create beauty and meaning out of all this.

Our Most Colorful Regards,

Roger Danilo Carmona
KP General Manager
and the Kremer Pigments NYC Team

Shopping In-Store

We are offering curbside pick-up of pre-paid orders for those who want to limit their indoor shopping time. You can email us a list of what you need to purchase. We'll set the items aside for you, and let you know if anything is not available. You'll get a digital invoice that you can pay online. After that, we will email you a final confirmation that reads, "Ready for Curbside Pickup!", and your order will then be ready for you to pick up any time during our business hours.

As a huge community of almost 9 million people, we've used polite social distancing, mindful mask-wearing and obsessive hand-washing to bring the number of new cases of Covid19 way down...for now. But it requires everyone's continued participation.

To keep this progress going, we have a few rules (read them below) that we're asking everyone to follow when they come shop. 


- A mask that covers your nose and mouth is required at all times. We'll be wearing one too.

- Maximum of 3 shoppers allowed in the store at once. If we lock the door, you may need to wait outside for someone to exit before coming in.

- No phone conversations allowed.
Please take it outside. We have lots of fans running in order to mimic an outdoor space. It is very difficult to assist our customers in our space with phone conversations in the background. We understand at times it might be necessary as you are shopping for others. Please work with us. 

Incarnate Watercolor Set

Product Code: 881036

Eight full pans for the illustration of flesh tones. 


* Our staff member and artist from the NYC shop, Winnie Sidharta Ambron, painting this portrait of Dr. Georg Kremer using Kremer Pigments' Incarnate Watercolor Set. Film edit and music by KP staff member, Michael Ambron. 

We take your privacy very seriously. Therefore, we  do not share your email, purchase history, or any information about you with anyone.

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