UCI National Federations Newsletter #5 - 12.08.2015 


Dear members,

It was a great pleasure for me to travel to Pietermaritzburg at the beginning of the month for the annual Congress of the Confédération Africaine de Cyclisme.

As usual I was impressed by the very real desire of all the National Federations present to continue developing cycling in their countries across all disciplines. African cycling in general has been given a real boost recently with the performances at the Tour de France of UCI Professional Continental Team MTN-Qhubeka and our former UCI World Cycling Centre trainee Daniel Teklehaimanot. It is clear to me that our National Federations in Africa are determined to build on this success and continue moving our sport forward at all levels, from cycling for all through to Elite competition.

It was therefore very fitting that the UCI African Sharing Platform held the day after the CAC Congress focused on development. We had some incredibly interesting presentations and fruitful discussions. This was the second UCI African Sharing Platform after Egypt in December 2013, and I would like to thank Dr Wagih Azzam and Mr William Newman for their welcome and hospitality. The energy generated during the group discussions was fantastic and I know from experience that the networks created and ideas exchanged during our Sharing Platforms help strengthen our sport and unite our Federations, all of whom have the interests of cycling at heart. I was particularly pleased to see the participation for the first time of Djibouti and Botswana.

In the week preceding the Sharing Platform, we also held a UCI Level 2 Coaching Course, attended by 26 coaches from 11 countries, and a course for UCI Elite National Commissaires, which attracted some 20 participants from 10 countries.

All these activities contribute greatly to the professionalisation of our sport, which progresses at an incredible rate on the African continent.



Teams registration
Instructions for the registration of UCI Continental and Women's Teams for 2016 and the related annexes are now available on your extranet.

Change of road season dates
For the 2016 season, all circuits will start on 1st January and end on the last day of the 2016 UCI Road World Championships (i.e. 16th October 2016).
For 2017 and the following seasons, the circuits will start on the day after the last event of the UCI WorldTour or the UCI Road World Championships of the previous year. The season will end on the day of the final event of the UCI WorldTour or the UCI Road World Championships of the year concerned.

UCI Road World Championships – Richmond 2015

Quotas – Registration
As you will know, participation at the UCI Road World Championships is based on the various rankings drawn up on 15th August 2015 (article 9.2.009 and subsequent of the UCI Regulations).
We would like to inform you that the quotas will be published on 18th August 2015. The rider registration system and the accreditation application system will also be available from that date.
Please refer to the information bulletin available on the UCI website for the various closing dates.

Radio Tour (race radio)
UCI teams and National Federations who wish to use their own radio frequencies must apply for authorisation. The estimated average cost of approval is USD 300 for up to two frequencies.
The contact person is Mr Greg Scheer. The deadline for the authorisation of frequencies is 1st September 2015.
For further information, please contact us.

UCI Women's WorldTour
The 2016 UCI Women’s WorldTour Candidates Guide was sent out on 13th July. All National Federations, Class 1 event organisers, current UCI Women Road World Cup organisers and Men's UCI WorldTour event organisers have received the guide and were given the opportunity to apply until 1st August.

The new series is the result of 18 months of close collaboration between the UCI Women’s Commission, the UCI Road Commission and UCI staff and involved the development of the concept as well as gathering information from all concerned stakeholders. The UCI Women’s WorldTour will now include stage races which were not part of the UCI Women Road World Cup calendar until now. The existing points system has also been reviewed to accommodate these stage races.

Media exposure of women’s road cycling is at the centre of this new concept, and candidates are required to either broadcast their events live, provide live streaming (internet) or at least produce same day highlights. As women’s cycling gains more and more media exposure, sponsors, teams, events and ultimately riders will be able to secure revenues making the sport financially sustainable.
The UCI, in consultation with the UCI Women’s Teams Working Group (created in January 2015), is currently examining the re-structuring of teams and their regulations.
New UCI Women’s Calendar Working Group
As a sub-group of the UCI Road Commission, the Women’s Calendar Working Group had its first ever meeting following the second edition of La Course by Le Tour in Paris.

The members are:
Ms. Yvonne Mattsson (Swedish National Federation President, Road Commission member - SWE)
Ms. Rochelle Gilmore (Teams representative - AUS)
Ms. Giusy Virelli (Organiser – ITA)
Mr. Jean-François Pescheux (Organiser – FRA)

The group’s mission is to study all event applications received by the UCI and accept them or propose changes where needed. The goal is to avoid date clashes that could cause problems to the calendar and to the teams and riders.
All applications for the women’s elite calendar were received by 30th June 2015, while applications to the new UCI Women’s WorldTour were extended until 1st August. The recommendations of the Working Group will soon be reviewed by the Road Commission and submitted to the UCI Management Committee in September. The 2016 calendar will be published immediately after the UCI Road World Championships, Richmond 2015.

2015-2016 UCI Track Cycling World Cup
The World Cup is fast approaching and with it the registration deadlines for the various rounds.
As the first round is relatively early, the UCI Eligibility Ranking will be confirmed on 14th September to allow nation quotas for the individual Olympic events to be drawn up. The registration system will open the following day, Tuesday 15th September, and registrations must be completed by Friday 18th September. The confirmation shall mention the number of people making up each delegation (art. 3.4.008).

You can find the registration dates on the online registration platform.

The competition programme of all three rounds will be made available online on the UCI Track Cycling World Cup tab of the website as soon as it is confirmed. Further information can be found on our website.

Consultation on the future of Track Cycling after Rio
A consultation project with UCI stakeholders was launched at the end of July in order to obtain feedback on the reform projects planned for the discipline after the Rio Olympic Games. All comments must be received by 14th August.
A summary of this feedback will be presented to the UCI Track Commission which will meet on 3rd and 4th September to finalise the reform plan. This will then be submitted to the UCI Management Committee at its meeting in Richmond on 23rd and 24th September 2015.

UCI BMX Permanent Career Number Applications
Back in August 2006, the UCI introduced a permanent number system for Elite Men & Elite Women. With this system, riders are able to choose a “career number”, which they have the exclusive right to use for their entire Elite class career. This gives riders the possibility to market themselves and to give media and spectators an easy way to identify them. Now for the 10th year running, Elite riders have the opportunity to apply for a number not yet in use.
A number which has expired (i.e. riders who did not score any UCI points last season) will become available again. Such riders may re-apply for their number, although it will be subject to the normal procedure mentioned in the UCI regulations, § 10 International permanent race number system, art. 6.1.073 to 6.1.076.
Each National Federation must submit the attached application form no later than 15th October 2015 for all their Elite Men and Elite Women as well as Juniors Men and Women moving up to Elite in 2016 who wish to receive a UCI BMX Permanent Career Number i.e. riders who were born in 1997 or earlier.
Important: Applications received after 15th October will not be accepted.
Elite riders who finished in the top 8 at the 2015 UCI BMX World Championships can choose to race with their World Championships number 1-8 up until the next World Championships (or they may instead decide to continue using their existing permanent career number). In either case, this choice is definitive. Should they decide to use their world number 1-8 during this period, their career number will be reserved for them (art. 6.1.075).
The list of 2015 UCI BMX permanent career numbers was updated after the 2015 UCI BMX World Championships in Heusden-Zolder (BEL) and is now available on the UCI website.

UCI BMX Supercross World Cup

Santiago del Estero 
The competition guide for this event is now published on the UCI website.
As a reminder, the online registration system for Santiago del Estero will open on 13th August 2015 at 12h00 CET. The registration system will close on 27th August 2015 at 12:00 CET.
Rock Hill
The competition guide for this event will be published on the UCI website in late August.
As a reminder, the online registration system for Rock Hill will open on 3rd September 2015 at 12h00 CET. The registration system will close on 17th September 2015 at 12:00 CET.

Update – BMX Freestyle Park Integration

In last month’s National Federations Newsletter, we briefly introduced you to the discipline of BMX Freestyle Park and described some of the UCI’s main priorities in moving forward with BMX Freestyle Park integration.
This month, we would like to give more details regarding our strategy for the UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup.
As a cycling discipline, BMX Freestyle (in all of its forms) is widely practiced around the world, but generally not under the responsibility of our National Federations. Also, as with most other cycling disciplines, BMX Freestyle can be practiced outside of the context of an organised event; it is a cycling sport that can be practiced as a competition, but not necessarily so.
If we are to succeed in integrating BMX Freestyle within the structure of cycling, we need to provide reasons to do so. Our first major step in accomplishing this is the creation of the UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup, thus beginning to attract riders who are focused on competition.
The UCI’s strategy for the development of this World Cup series is to award the label of “UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup” to the BMX Freestyle Park competitions that are contained within the 2016 FISE World Series events. The FISE World Series is a series of high-quality, professionally managed multi-sport events. Each FISE event features several different action sports, among which skateboarding, wake-board, roller-skating and BMX Freestyle can be included.
It is important to realise that every sport presented during a FISE World Series event also includes competitions for amateur athletes, competing in the same venues as the professionals. This is very important for the development of the sport. Also, this is one of the reasons why the UCI has chosen to work with the FISE World Series – these events provide competition opportunities for riders of all ages and at all levels.
FISE World Series events also attract great public interest. The largest FISE event, FISE Montpellier (France), attracted more than 500,000 spectators and thousands of athletes (amateur and professional) over its 4-day schedule. These figures demonstrate why FISE events are of genuine interest to cities – the economic impact is considerable. Also, FISE events are very important to the UCI as we continue our work in partnership with our National Federations to develop awareness and participation in cycling throughout the world.
As of the start of August, the UCI has initiated contact with the National Federations in all of the countries that could possibly host a FISE World Series event in 2016. This has been done in order to seek National Federation approval to hold a 2016 UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup, if a FISE World Series event is awarded to their country.
Also, the UCI is busy working on the UCI BMX Freestyle Park Regulations, which will be submitted to the UCI Management Committee for approval when it next meets at the end of September 2015.
In the September 2015 edition of this newsletter, we will update you on our progress with the 2016 UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup calendar as well as discuss our approach to the UCI BMX Freestyle Park Regulations.

2015 UCI Mountain Bike World Championships
The 2015 UCI Mountain Bike World Championships will take place in Vallnord (AND) from 31st August to 6th September. All useful information relating to this event can be found on the UCI website.

The competition guide features information such as the official programme, course maps, riders’ registration, accreditation, event’s regulations, etc.
The online rider’s registration system is open and will close on 24th August 2015 at 12:00 CET. The riders’ registration for this event can only be done by the National Federation.
The online accreditation system is open and will close on 24th August 2015 at 12:00 CET.

2015 UCI 4X World Championships
The 2015 UCI 4X World Championships will take place in Val di Sole (ITA) on 20th and 21st August 2015. All useful information concerning this event can be found on the UCI website.

In the competition guide, you can find information such as the official programme, riders’ registration, event’s regulations, etc.
The online rider’s registration system is open and will close on 17th August 2015 at 12:00 CET. The riders’ registration for this event can only be done by the National Federation. 

2015 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup presented by Shimano
The final round of the 2015 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup presented by Shimano will take place in Val di Sole (ITA) on 22nd and 23rd August.

The online rider’s registration system is now open and will close on 17th August 2015 at 12:00 CET.

2015-2016 UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup
The programmes, registration deadlines and ranking dates for the 2015-2016 UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup season are available on the UCI website.
Note that the registration deadline is set to open 10 days before the event and close six days before the event. In addition, please note that a Cyclo-cross ranking is now calculated every Tuesday.

The first round of the 2015-2016 UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA) on 16th September 2015. The programme of the event is available on the UCI website.

The online rider’s registration system will open on 6th September and will close on 10th September 2015 at 12:00 CET. The riders’ registration for this event can only be done by the National Federation. 

2015-2016 UCI Cyclo-cross International Calendar
The Cyclo-cross season will start on 30th August 2015 with the Qiansen Trophy Cyclo-cross Yanqing Station Class 1 event in Yanqing District, Beijing (CHN).

2015-2016 UCI Cyclo-cross regulations
As a reminder, please find the Cyclo-cross regulations published on 1st July 2015 on the UCI website at the following link.

2015 UCI Trials World Cup
Albertville (FRA) - the online rider’s registration system is now open and will close on 17th August at 12:00 CET.

Antwerp (BEL) - the online rider’s registration system will open on 10th September and will close on 21st September at 12:00 CET. 

2015 UCI Trials World Championships
The 2015 UCI Trials World Championships will take place in Vallnord (AND) from 31st August 2015 to 5th September 2015. All useful information relating to this event can be found on the UCI website.
In the competition guide, you will find information such as the official programme, sections maps, riders’ registration, accreditation, event’s details and regulations, etc.

The online rider’s registration system is now open and will close on 24th August 2015 at 12:00 CET. The riders’ registration for this event can only be done by the National Federation.
The online accreditation system is now open and will close on 24th August 2015 at 12:00 CET.

2015 UCI Para-cycling Road World Championships and World Cup
The third round of the 2015 UCI Para-cycling Road World Cup was held in Elzach, Germany, at the end of July. Some 244 riders from 36 nations took part. The races were the most challenging of the series so far, testing the riders' skills around a succession of tight, technical corners. The organisers of the event were not new to the world of para-cycling having organised a C1 race every year since 2010. Their experience shone through in the quality of the event.

The 2015 UCI Para-cycling Road World Championships in Nottwill, Switzerland, (29th July to 2nd August 2015) were held just a week after the World Cup event in Elzach. A new World Championship participation record was established with 289 riders from 46 countries taking to the start line. The two circuits – time trial and road – were particularly difficult, with long climbs and very technical descents. However, this proved no hindrance to Italian riders as their country finished top of the nation ranking, followed closely by Germany and the USA. These are the last UCI Para-cycling Road World Championships counting for qualification to the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

The fourth and final round of the World Cup will be held in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, from 11th-13th September 2015. Nations wishing to obtain the maximum points possible for qualification to the 2016 Paralympic Games will be sure to attend the only round of the World Cup to be held outside Europe. Entries are open from Thursday 6th August and close on Thursday 20th August at 17:00 CET.

Para-cycling training camps at the UCI World Cycling Centre
We are currently preparing a series of para-cycling training camps at the UCI World Cycling Centre. The concept is to organise three new camps: the first focusing on track in early November; a second camp, also for track, a few weeks before the 2016 UCI Para-cycling Track World Championships; and a third camp, for road, before the first round of the 2016 UCI World Cup. Further information will be sent to National Federations in the near future.

Indoor Cycling Regulations – Approval by the UCI Management Committee

Artistic Cycling
The amendments to the regulations submitted in July were approved by the UCI Management Committee. The changes were incorporated into the regulations and published on the UCI website. The amended articles will come into effect on 1st January 2016.
The proposed revision of the Cycle-ball format within the scope of the UCI Indoor Cycling World Championships was submitted and approved by the UCI Management Committee. This new, more attractive format will come into effect from the 2015 World Championships scheduled for 20th-22nd November in Melaka, Malaysia. The changes will soon be published on the UCI website.

2016 UCI Cycle-ball World Cup calendar
The calendar for the 2016 season is being finalised and will be submitted to the UCI Management Committee for approval at its meeting in September.
The provisional calendar is available on our website for information purposes.
Activities - Association for the promotion of Indoor Cycling ("Promotion Club Indoor Cycling")
The association organised a training camp, course for artistic cycling coaches and a workshop for cycle-ball commissaires at the Hong Kong Open on 2nd August. These activities represent a major contribution to the development of Indoor Cycling in Asian countries.

UCI World Cycling Tour – Series  
The final qualifying round will take place between 22nd and 26th August in St. Johann in Tirol (AUT). This will allow riders who have not yet qualified to secure the last spots available for the Final.

UCI World Cycling Tour – Final  
Less than five weeks from the Final, over 1,500 riders from 44 countries have already registered for the event. The Final will be held from 3rd-6th September in Aalborg and Hobro, Denmark.
Given the number of entries received to date, it is very likely that last year's participation record will be beaten by the 2015 edition.
The practical guide to the competitions will soon be available on the event website.
A wealth of practical information is available here.

 Upcoming events 
ROAD        -        TRACK        -        MOUNTAIN BIKE        -        BMX
TRIALS        -        INDOOR        -        PARA-CYCLING


There have been a number of requests from National Federations and teams to purchase the time trial bike test jig that the UCI uses. We are pleased to announce that we are now able to coordinate the order of these jigs and cases from the manufacturer.
The kit, priced at CHF 3,500, includes:
  • The jig allowing to check all the dimensional and position rules
  • Tools for assembly and a complete assembly / disassembly / user guide
  • Calibration tools
  • Rigid box with custom foam
  • Electronic level for the saddle 
Orders must be placed by 15th September by email.


Commissaire courses recently took place in Brazil ahead of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. We ran Elite National Commissaire (ENC) courses for Road and Mountain Bike with 24 candidates studying to be Road ENCs and 13 studying for the Mountain Bike ENC qualification.  We also held Track and Para-cycling National Commissaire courses with 22 and 15 candidates respectively.
Back in Europe, six candidates took part in an International Road Commissaires assessment programme in partnership with the Tour of Austria. 




Established in 2011 and held every year during the UCI Road World Championships, the UCI Junior Conference is an event that brings together Junior riders (17-18 years old), their entourage and several prestigious guests.
The 2015 edition of the UCI Junior Conference will be held at the Greater Richmond Convention Center conveniently located next to the finish line from 4.00pm to 5.30pm on Thursday 24th September.
As the host of the event, the UCI aims to inform, share knowledge and inspire the next generation of riders.
Numerous leading figures, such as UCI President Brian Cookson, professional riders, bicycle manufacturers and team representatives are gathered to speak about different themes.
This year, discussions will be centred on the climate and how it may affect the riders’ performances; a timely topic ahead of the 2016 UCI Road World Championships that will be held in Qatar.
Other topics include UCI activities and operations, a day in the life of a rider, anti-doping and new technology in cycling. Videos and a quiz with prizes will also be part of the afternoon’s entertainment, ensuring the sharing of knowledge between all the members of the cycling family about their common passion.
A presenter, with extensive cycling knowledge, will lead and moderate discussions between the guests on stage and the Junior riders in attendance.
The official UCI Junior Conference invitation will be sent out by email in mid-September.
We are looking forward to welcoming your Junior riders to Richmond!


Daniel Teklehaimanot

African team MTN Qhubeka made headlines in January this year when it was awarded a wildcard to compete in the 2015 Tour de France.

A great many people would not have given the team another thought once the racing got underway… Except that the UCI Professional Continental Team was in the action from the outset.

And when Daniel Teklehaimanot won the polka dot jersey on stage six, the few cycling fans who were still not convinced about the potential of African cycling began having second thoughts. Who exactly was this Eritrean who was rivalling the world’s best in the mountains? In fact, it was the same Daniel who, the month before, spent several days in the break at the Critérium du Dauphiné to take the mountains classification jersey, MTN’s first at WorldTour level.

And it was the same Daniel who, back in 2009, travelled from Eritrea to the UCI World Cycling Centre in Switzerland with huge potential, little experience, and an enormous desire to become a professional cyclist. He also arrived with a tachycardia, detected during a routine medical check, which required him to undergo a heart operation and delayed his dreams.

But not for long.

His coach at the UCI WCC at that time was Michel Thèze, who was impressed by the Eritrean’s amazing recovery after that surgery at the beginning of 2009: “He began cycling again in May, and in one month was already at a very high level. I think that is when I really realised he had what it took.”

Thèze had spotted Daniel’s potential at the African Continental Championships in Morocco in 2007 and was instrumental in bringing him to Switzerland to train and race in Europe. He was sure this raw talent could be moulded into professional material.

“I saw him and I liked what I saw,” says Thèze. “I wanted him to try his luck in Europe with me.”

When Daniel started racing in Europe, certain announcers had to ask Thèze where Eritrea was. They were perplexed by this lanky young African who was creating surprises in the U-23 peloton. However Daniel quickly became a recognised and respected figure on the circuit and the questions stopped.

He first captured the attention of the international Elite cycling world when, after a three-year apprenticeship at the UCI World Cycling Centre, he signed a two year professional contract with GreenEdge for 2012-2013. Last year, he signed with MTN Qhubeka, a return to his African origins of which he is extremely proud.

On donning the polka dot jersey at the Tour de France he declared: “It is a big step for African cycling and I feel really proud at the moment because I have this jersey. I am proud to be African and I am proud to be Eritrean. This is a day I will never forget.”

Another proud person was UCI WCC Director Frédéric Magné: “Daniel is an incredible athlete who is showing the world just how strong African cycling can be,” he said. “When he was training with us in Aigle he already stood out as an extraordinarily talented, hard-working and yet humble athlete. He was destined for great things and we are proud to see how he is succeeding as a professional rider.”

Daniel was one of five UCI WCC former trainees competing in this year’s Tour de France, including fellow Eritrean Kudus Merhawi who, at just 22 years old, was the youngest rider in the race’s peloton.

Our former trainees on the Tour also included the overall winner, Kenyan-born Briton Chris Froome, who declared: "I believe athletes from east Africa are potentially the best endurance athletes in the world given their physiology and their upbringing at altitude. It's really interesting results that they're yielding…”

Daniel Teklehaimanot is helping the world sit up and take notice of African cycling.



UCI Sharing Platform: second African edition

The second edition of the UCI Sharing Platform (USP) for Africa took place in Pietermaritzburg (RSA) on 6th August 2015. Held alongside the Confédération Africaine de Cyclisme’s Congress and attended by over 40 delegates from nearly 30 African National Federations, its objective is to give our members the opportunity to share experiences and knowledge as well as involve them in the running of the event.

The morning saw key UCI staff showcase the many facets of the International Federation covering topics such as strategy, anti-doping, international relations and various sporting aspects.
The afternoon session focused on development and the opportunity via a case study for National Federations to share their initiatives covering ever-evolving issues within the cycling community.
Key facts
The UCI Sharing Platform programme was established in 2013.
In total, more than 100 delegates from 70 different National Federations attended workshops in Switzerland, Egypt, Mexico and Kazakhstan during the UCI Sharing Platform 2013 - 14 programme.

The next UCI Sharing Platform Asia will take place in Japan in January 2016.



The UCI has reviewed all of the processes, documents and events which facilitate the creation of links between regions and cities across the world. A seminar for potential organisers will be held in Richmond (USA) during the 2015 UCI Road World Championships, the UCI’s flagship event.
Cities which have expressed an interest in cycling, through either the UCI or National Federations, have been invited to participate in this event. The aim is to link a work session with an element of fun in order to fully experience this outstanding event.

The objectives of this meeting will enable participants to learn more about the UCI, acquaint themselves with the work of the Cycling for All team, and to benefit from the experience of the Richmond Organising Committee.

The definitive list of participants is being finalised.
National Federations will be automatically informed of their cities’ presence at this meeting.

You can find the planned schedule here.


Only 359 days to go until the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Rio 2016 Cycling Road test event
Aquece Rio Road Cycling International Challenge

Ahead of next year’s Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, the Rio 2016 Organising Committee is hosting a series of test events, entitled the ‘Aquece Rio’ series or ‘Warm up’ Rio.

The test events seek to ensure that many of the operational and logistical aspects involved in delivering the Games have been stress tested in time for the Games. The road cycling events in Rio in 2016 will be absolutely stunning and the courses will provide a challenge befitting of crowning a series of Olympic Champions. They will also be amongst the most challenging to organise for Rio 2016. The Aquece Rio Road Cycling International Challenge (America Tour 1.2) will be held on Sunday 16th August as a UCI calendar event for men and will serve as the all-important test event for road cycling.

The UCI is working very closely with the Rio 2016 Organising Committee for the preparation of their cycling competition in 2016, including road cycling. The UCI views the road cycling test event as a most important opportunity for the organisation to test key aspects of the operations ahead of next year. This will include road closures, command and control, security, course preparation, radio communications, workforce, start and finish procedures. Equally as important will be the opportunity for nations to experience the courses and the city ahead of next year’s Olympic Games so they too can fine tune their preparation for these key events, held on the opening days of the Games. The event will feature more than 15 Nations and the start list will be complemented further by UCI Continental teams.

Whilst the test event will be shorter than at Games time and held over 165km (Olympic Games: Men Elite/ 241km and Women Elite/141km), it will include all parts of the course used in August 2016. At the test event, the riders will race the same two technical circuits that will feature in 2016, only with fewer laps. The test event will also start in the same location as 2016 on Copacabana Beach. The Grumari circuit is nestled alongside a beautiful stretch of secluded coastline and will feature a couple of short technical climbs and a 2km section of cobblestones. The Vista Chinesa circuit features the highest point on the course at 541m and two challenging climbs. To Canoas inland from the coast, the course climbs for 4km at an average gradient of 11.25%, reaching 20% in the higher section. The second climb up towards Vista Chinesa on Canoas Road features 4km of climbing at an average grade of 6.5%. This takes riders to the highest point of the course with 20km to go to the finish. The descent from here is fast and very technical and will be key to holding any advantage riders may have found over the top of the climb. The finish line for the test event has been moved to the Sao Conrado beach area. The change was necessary due to a public gathering that is planned in the nearby Copacabana area. This change is only for the test event and has no bearing on what is planned at the Olympic Games.

The test event will no doubt highlight various important aspects for consideration between now and the Olympic Games. It will also enable nations to shape their preparations for the Olympic Games. The UCI will continue to work closely with the Rio 2016 Organising Committee on the preparations for the road cycling events at the Games, ensuring the sport of cycling is showcased on a course which is sure to please.

Rio 2016 Olympic Games Road Race Course



.@UCI_cycling Pres @BrianCooksonUCI and Pres Belgium cycling @tomvandamme explored SA's Cascades MTB Park trails


.@espn have crowned Manchester as the UK's greatest sporting city. Sat in @N_CyclingCentre we can't help but agree


Great job @Natnaelb2 so proud of you! #teamisteam


Meet Stefany Hernandez, UCI World Cycling Centre trainee and new BMX World Champion

Her lucky number, 469, is a number that has brought Stefany Hernandez a lot of happiness. After arriving at the UCI World Cycling Centre in Aigle, Switzerland, in 2012, the 24-year-old Venezuelan trainee has not ceased to astonish her coach, Thomas Allier, with her outstanding performances, such has been her consistency. Lying third in the UCI BMX World Cup standings, Hernandez judged her race in the final of the UCI BMX World Championships to perfection despite the atrocious weather. Just 37.5 seconds... That was all it took for her to become World Champion in Zolder on 25 July. A mere 37.5 seconds stood between her and glory and a year of wearing the illustrious rainbow jersey.  
World Champion... Isn't it strange to hear yourself called that?
No, I have worked so hard to get here and I have simply been waiting for my time to come. On the day, everything went my way, I was prepared. And even if it seems crazy to say it, I deserved it.

Tell us about your race. Were you confident on the start ramp?
There had been some problems because of the wind and rain. They had to change the start. Instead of starting from the 8-metre ramp, we were on the 5-metre ramp, which is a bit slower. Normally, I'm one of the fastest starters, it's one of my strong points. But the starting grid was too slow, and each time I was hitting it, so I had to hold my start back a bit. In the quarter-finals, I was last away from the start but then I came through, little by little, and finished first. In the semi-finals, it was the same thing, I started last but then I came through to third place. In the final, it was the same again, I banged against the starting grid. I had to work my way through: I was third at the first bend, then at the second bend I took the lead. I took a very clean line in the third bend and then the fourth and the straight and that was it... 37.5 seconds!

Just 37.5 seconds to happiness. How did it feel when you crossed the line as the winner?
I screamed like I have never screamed before. It was an amazing feeling of "Yes, finally, I did it, I got it!" It was the most beautiful feeling of my entire life.

What is your next objective?
I'm competing in the World Cup, there are still three rounds to go this year. There have already been two, in Manchester in April, where I finished third, and in the Netherlands in May, where I finished third again, which means I'm third in the standings. There is a round in Sweden next week, then two weeks later in Argentina and two weeks after that a round in the United States. I want to keep my consistency, in fact that's my motto: Consistency 469. I would like to stay in the top three, on the podium, and be consistent. And – why not – try to become number one.
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