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Punxsutawney Phil has predicted Spring is just around the corner. Whether or not you believe in the wisdom of the Groundhog, it's high time to dust off winter, and your tools, and get to work making something new! Have a new project to "share with the class"? Let us know about it, because we may want to blog about it! 

ShopBotters at Work

New Project from ShopBot's In-House Makerspace

Matt Cummings joined ShopBot Tools recently, and he works on the documentation team. Like everyone else at ShopBot, he not only participates in the training courses that all our customers can take, but is encouraged to jump in and use the tools to make projects.

For Matt, that meant designing and making a sign for his wife's pottery studio. "My last excursion into woodworking was high school shop class several years back." As you'll see from Matt's blog post, it was a great process for him, and he's documented it of course, with photos! (His wife likes the sign by the way.)

Production Support News

New ShopBot Accessory: The Pressure Sensitive Z-Zero Plate

ShopBot's David Preiss writes, "For a while we have been looking at ways to simplify the process of determining tool length with a ShopBot by improving on the design of the current Z-Zero plate. The two limitations we wanted to address were the need for an alligator clip, which adds a manual step to a process that could otherwise be entirely autonomous, as well the fact that the current design relies on the flow of current through the cutter itself, making it unable to zero non-conductive bits. Our new Pressure Sensitive Z-Zero Plate addresses both of these issues!" Read more on the ShopBot Blog, and order yours (call ShopBot and ask for Production Support, or get in touch using our contact form).

This Will Help You Hold Down Your Work

Screws. Fasteners. Adhesives. Universal vacuum tables. What's the best way to hold down your material? That depends on a couple of factors. Anyone doing prototyping and manufacturing will be interested in Anthony Wong's post about it on the Handibot blog. It's useful for anyone doing CNC!

Is Intermediate Training Right For You?

Feb. 18 & 19 we're hosting an intermediate training class at ShopBot World Headquarters, in Durham, NC. If you've been through our Basic Training and are ready to go to the next level in your CNC work, this is for you.

  • Dive deeper into VCarve Pro, and learn about creating layers, working with toolpath templates, and other advanced features of the software.
  • Learn how to personalize your ShopBot setup to meet the needs of your particular workflow, setting feeds and speeds and other customizations.
  • Try some new processes such as two-sided machining, and making inlays. We'll do a fun "take it home" project too.

Learn more and sign up here. Plus: Advanced training coming in April!

ShopBot Control Software Update v3.8.4

We mentioned this last month, but just in case you missed it: The latest version of the ShopBot Control Software is now available from ShopBot for free download. Get v3.8.4 now!

Get Some Training

Live training classes are held on a regular basis at ShopBot Headquarters in Durham, NC. You can sign-up for one of them here.

Upcoming Basic Training Classes at ShopBot:
March 3-4
March 17-18
April 7-8
June 2-3

Upcoming Intermediate Training Classes at Shopbot:
February 18-19

Upcoming Advanced Training Classes at Shopbot:
April 21-22

Can't make it to ShopBot in-person? Then check out our online training sessions.

Camp ShopBot

A great way to meet other ShopBotters, learn tips and techniques, and share projects.

March 5 – Chicago Camp
(Naperville, IL • Naperville Central High School)

April 9 – San Diego Camp (San Diego, CA • Old Globe Theater)

April 30 – San Antonio Camp (San Antonio, TX • Southwest School of Art)

Keep your eye on our events schedule for more camps to come in 2016!

Have You Heard the News?

ShopBot's newest tool, the Desktop MAX is now available. Read the Press Release here.

Creativity has two parts: thinking, then producing. Innovation is embedded in the creative process. It is the implementation of creative inspiration.
Linda Naiman

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