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Maker Faire NY, 100kGarages, and OpenDesk

In September, ShopBot once again had a presence at Maker Faire New York, in the form of two exciting projects: The Handibot® Smart Power Tool and MakeLocal. Thousands of visitors to the Faire got a look at the latest Handibot hardware and software developments. And 100kGarages (the fabber/designer community founded by ShopBot) teamed up with OpenDesk to share the MakeLocal project.

100kGarages Bill Young: "MakeLocal evolved from a conversation at the Bay Area Maker Faire with Josh Worley of OpenDesk about how we could present the concept of distributed and local manufacturing at big public events, to reach people who thought that everything has to be made in a big factory, far away! We wanted to make two main points: that these new digital tools make it practical to have the stuff of everyday life made locally again, and that there needs to be a business model where both designer and fabricator are paid for their work.

"We all know that it's better to show people something than to tell them, so we started planning a small scale demo of how local fabrication works, with an OpenDesk storefront and a 100kGarages fabrication facility right there at the Maker Faire."

About 40 furniture pieces were sold to visitors and fabricated right there in real time at the Maker Faire.

Read Bill Young's blog post about it here.
Read Josh Worley's blog post about it here.

ShopBot was Here

Production Support Goes West

Matt Schmitz of ShopBot's Production Support team recently traveled to Mexicali, Mexico, and Pleasant Hill, California, to help ShopBotters get more from their tools. As Matt tells it: "Triumph Group, a leading aerospace component manufacturing company, recently purchased two 5-axis tools to cut plastic parts at one of their facilities in Mexicali. I spent three days working with their engineering, manufacturing, and maintenance teams." Read about this trip and Matt's visit to professors, technicians and students of Diablo Valley College in his ShopBot blog post.

Woodworking in America

ShopBot's Andy Martin and Buddy Warner attended the Woodworking in America show, Sep. 25 - 27. Andy noted: "As Kansas City was celebrating the Royals second baseball postseason berth in as many years, a buzz streamed across town, as folks came from all over to share their ideas and exchange the old and new within the industry. There was a large turnout for the show."

Andy and Buddy gave a sneak peek of ShopBot's Desktop MAX tool (set for release soon), amidst an array of traditional woodworking tools throughout the showroom floor. The new tool was featured to display its endless possibilities, in this case supporting a dovetail jig, providing the woodworker with a view of its limitless potential.

Buddy noted that it was a great opportunity to connect with woodworking professionals. "Roy Underhill from the long running PBS Woodwright’s Shop television program stopped by the ShopBot booth to say hello. And we also got to talk shop with Mark Adams from one of the leading woodworking schools in North America, the Mark Adams School of Woodworking."

ShopBotters at Work

Theatre Professional Jim Lile

Jim Lile is a professional theatre technician and technical manager who also serves as Assistant Professor at the School of Theatre, College of Fine Arts, Florida State University, Tallahassee.

Michael Berliner spoke with Jim recently about his experiences using CNC in his stage work and his teaching. “CNC tools have had a hugely positive impact on theatre set production,” said Jim. “When it comes to set design and production, in many ways we’ve been playing catch-up with lighting and sound design, which have used automated processes for many, many years.” Read Michael's ShopBot blog post here.

Homebuilt Kits and Dennis Michaud

Homebuilt's Dennis Michaud continues to grow his business, developing and selling cool, construct-it-yourself, code-compliant homes. As he mentions on his website, Homebuilt and its local fabrication partners use CNC technology (yes it's a ShopBot), ensuring "an awe-inspiring level of precision (1/1000"), leading to an extremely high quality building. These robots enable the integration of LUMBER LOCK connections between components that make the kit extremely easy for nearly anyone to build. Think of it like an adult-sized version of the snap-together building toys you played with as a kid, only this time you move in, not just your dolls and action figures!"


Providing Support for All You Do

Here at ShopBot we try and make a point of being available to ShopBot users to help you get the most out of your investment in CNC. One way we do this is to develop and provide specialized classes for different applications, from cabinetmaking to sign making to musical instrument making. For example, recently we participated in master classes for United States Institute for Theatre Technology to support professionals in set construction.

Are you interested in a specialized training for your team? Please get in touch; we'd like to help you.

Get Some Training

Live training classes are held on a regular basis at ShopBot Headquarters in Durham, NC. You can sign-up for one of them here.

Upcoming Basic Training Classes at ShopBot:
November 5-6
December 3-4
January 7-8

Can't make it to ShopBot in-person? Then check out our online training sessions.

Upcoming Online WebClass Training Sessions:
October 14
October 28
December 9
December 23
These sessions typically start at 1pm EST.

Updated tutorials and training videos are available on the ShopBot website.
Events and Shows

Charlotte Mini Maker Faire
October 10
Charlotte, NC

NACCE 2015 Conference
October 11-14
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Our popular ShopBot Desktop CNC is available for purchase in our online store. You'll also find these new ShopBot accessories:

ShopBot Handheld Keypad
The ShopBot Handheld Keypad (KRS BumpBar) provides hands-on control while you are by your tool and away from your computer. It is pre-programmed to work with your ShopBot and offers 3 additional buttons that you can customize. Learn more and buy yours today!

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