• July 4th Pantry and Clothes Closet will be closed
  • August 6th Back to School Clinic in Johnston


During April the Johnston Partnership made a special effort to thank our many volunteers.  We could not serve the more than 1,500 people fed from our pantry each month without them! From the miles driven & pounds lifted by our delivery volunteers, the weekly commitment our JUMP mentors to the ones who do stinky jobs like defrosting/cleaning deep freezers- it's all in the name of service. We truly appreciate all the hours, dedication & effort that we are gifted with each day. We thank you all so much!!

Residents and staff at all buildings participated in a personal care drive for the food pantry here in Johnston. Here is just 1 cart full of items. Shirley, Rosemary, and Teri from McAuley Terrace making the delivery run! Great job by all at Bishop Drum!

Special thanks to Stacey’s Formal Wear for helping us support JUMP students in getting to prom! Your amazingly quick turnaround and willingness to help with discounts helps makes going to prom possible for some of our students! We appreciate you!!!


Kids eat for free! No registration! No paperwork!

Johnston Community School District is participating in the Summer Food Service Program. Meals will be provided to all children without charge from Monday through Friday. Lunches will be served from Thursday, June 6 to Wednesday, August 14th except for the week of the 4th of July (July 2nd – 6th). Plus, on Fridays at Sterling Point and Chapel Ridge sacks of food will be available for the children to take home for the weekend.

The Johnston Partnership is helping by coordinating volunteers for the Chapel Ridge and Sterling Point Sites and providing sacks of food on Fridays for these same sites.  Five volunteers are needed at each site each day and more are needed for the Friday sacks of extra food.  See below for more info on sign up.

Chapel Ridge Apartment Complex

6200 Clark Lane Johnston IA 50131
12:30pm – 1:00pm

Sterling Point Apartment Complex

10509 Dorset Drive, Johnston IA 50131
11:15am – 11:45am

Meredith Site

5128 Meredith Drive, Des Moines IA 50310
12:00pm – 1:00pm


We are often asked about the people we serve. This story helps relate what we see. It is a fine and scary line to walk. Thank you to Erin Kiernan for telling this story, and for the brave people who shared their struggles.
Clink the link to watch the story:…/hidden-in-plain-sight-iowans-struggling…


There will be many opportunities to volunteer with the Partnership this summer.
It’s easy to sign up to volunteer, Click this link to go to our invitation page on

It’s Easy — you will NOT need to register an account or keep a password
  1. Staffing the food pantry and clothes closet every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
  2. Helping at the Community Food Pantry Garden  located at St. Paul Presbyterian Church in Johnston at 6426 Merle Hay Road. Volunteer your 90 minutes to FEED THE GROWING NEED! This garden was planted over 20 years ago. It has been GROWING ever since! All the fresh produce from this garden is taken to the Johnston Partnership’s Food Pantry. Hundreds of pounds of vegetables are harvested and donated each year to those in need. The garden is located in the rear of the church's parking lot. Drive, walk, or bike in, and you can't miss the white picket fence that surrounds the garden! Individual and group volunteers are welcome and needed throughout the GROWING season
  3. Serve lunch to kids at Sterling Point and Chapel Ridge. 5 volunteers are needed at each location Monday-Friday at each location. (that’s 10 volunteers a day)
  4. Purchase, fill and deliver 25 sacks of food.  4 individuals or groups are needed each week provide 25 sacks of food  This program is modeled after our program during the school year-- helping kids bring home some extra food to help get through the weekend. Each slot needs to bring 25 sacks (75 sacks total for Chapel Ridge) filled with 4-5 non-perishable food items such as: boxed macaroni & cheese, 1 lb white/brown rice, 1 lb dried beans, canned meat, peanut butter or canned fruit/vegetables.  Volunteers need to purchase and fill the sacks off-site, then deliver them to sites. Someone will need to stay and distribute the sacks to kids who have finished their meals.  Sacks are not to be opened on site, but taken home for later consumption.
  5. Back to School Clinic on August 6th. The signup won’t be available until June but we will need all hands on deck for this one. Mark your calendars!


If you have been to the pantry on a Saturday you know that we couldn’t open our doors without the help of students working on their silver cord hours.  Below are seniors who volunteered at least 4 hours at the pantry during the past year and some have volunteered over 100 hours this year.  All are Johnston High School except for Kade Johnson who is a Dowling student.

Lindsey Batkiewicz
Anastasia Bilak
Nu'utele Davis
Alexa Franke
Nicole Gilbert
*Kade Johnson
Marie Johnson
Gurleen Kaur
*Riley Kenin
Allison Lemke
Megan Mueller
Sean O'Brien
*Tyler Overton
Nathan Petrak
Marah Schmitz
Kadefa Suljic
Dain Tack
Sophie VanZee
*Sierra Wicks
Katelyn Winkler
*Our volunteer superstars serving OVER 100 HOURS!
Here is what a couple of our volunteer superstars have to say about their experience volunteering with the Johnston Partnership:


Sierra Wicks
Daughter of Christie and Warren Wicks
After graduation: Political Science at the University of Iowa

Kade Johnson
Son of Amy and Chris Johnson
After graduation: Major in Engineering Physics at Saint Louis University


Why did you choose the Food Pantry or the Clothes Closet of the Johnston Partnership for your volunteer hours?
  I chose to volunteer at the Johnston Partnership because I wanted to earn my Silver Cord hours at a local organization that had a tangible impact on the community.
Johnson:  The Johnston Partnership was close to where I live so it was very easy to plan out when I was going to volunteer. It was easy for me to stop by for two hours after a Saturday athletic practice. I enjoyed being able to give back to the community that I live in.
How has your thinking/behavior changed after helping at the Pantry? 
Wicks:  Volunteering at the Johnston Partnership has had a profound influence on both my thinking and behavior. Now when my family cleans out our pantry or closets, I make sure that we always donate to the pantry. Volunteering at the partnership has taught me the importance of community involvement. Almost every aspect of the partnership is supported entirely by volunteers and donations. If those supports were not there, the Partnership would not be able to do its amazing work. I have also learned things like the pantry is most saturated with donations during the holidays and tends to have less donations in the middle of the summer. So, I try to donate during the times I know the pantry will be low.  Working at the pantry has increased my passion for working with people who are in need.
Johnson: It is always interesting to help in your own community. I had no idea that so many people in Johnston needed help and the Johnston Partnership was the easiest way to help them and give back to the community. I’ve learned to work with people of different ethnicities and ages, and I really look forward to using the skills I’ve learned to help the people of St. Louis when I go to college.
Do you have suggestions for improvement for the Johnston Partnership? 
WicksI would love it if the partnership could be in a bigger space to accommodate for the crowded Saturday mornings so less people have to stand outside, especially in the winter. 
Johnson: Something that I think that the Johnston Partnership can improve on is promoting themselves so they can have more volunteers. I also think that an improvement in use of space in the food pantry could be extremely beneficial.
Anything else you would like people to know about you?
Wicks:  I have learned the importance volunteering and donating from volunteering at the Partnership for three years. I believe that everyone should try to volunteer and contribute to their community. 
Johnson: I am a swimmer and I spend around 20 hours a week practicing.  I also plan to swim at Saint Louis University.

Thanks to all of our graduating seniors for making a difference in the Johnston community! 

Stats for the Month of April

    April of 2019  
Families Served 285
Individuals Served 1,313
Friday Friends/Dragon Power Bags 1,098 bags
Clothing Distributed 359
Volunteer Hours 450
Donations $6,138

Partnership Place

(5870 Merle Hay Rd, Suite D)
Tuesdays 9am - Noon
Thursdays 9am-Noon
Saturdays 10am-2pm

Closed holidays and holiday weekends
Donate anytime we are open

Partnership Staff:
  • Andrea Cook (Program Director)
  • Chris Wilson (Jump Project Coordinator)
Board Members:
  • Chris Higdon (President)
  • Tom Foldes (Pres-Elect)
  • Kathy Nichols (Treasurer)
  • Lauren Steenhoek (Secretary)
  • Amy Johnson
  • Barb Allen
  • LuAnn White
  • Judy Anderson
  • Paul Williams
  • Peggy Martin
  • Susan Lucas
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