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Super Sale 2015 Tune-up
Offer good until HECO Buydown Funding RUNS OUT

HECO is helping buy down the cost of your tuneup, they will only fund 1000 on the whole island.   There are about 40,000 solar hot water systems on the island.  Tune up should be every 3 years, that means 13,000 tuneups should be done this year.   But only 1000 will get the $255 flat rate sale price.

Pacific Energy is estimating that about 370 of our customers should be doing the tuneup this year.    We want to get in quick and get the Work Order from HECO that will lock in your bought down price.

Pacific Energy wants to get at least 100 of the 1000 buydowns available.

We did a TON of tuneups in 2012.     Everyone who did in 2012 should jump on this BEST PRICE EVER for 2015

If you did your solar in 2008 or 2009, your standard warranty of 6 years is NOW OVER.    If you have to replace a tank, you will have to pay full list price of $1580 plus tax.   Manufacturers know that if customers don't do the tuneup, they will get to sell them a new tank.

If your warranty is over, it is even more important to do the tuneup now.

Pacific Energy does the BEST TUNE-UP on the Island, we replace parts, not just "inspect" them.

And this is the LOWEST price ever offered
, $255 flat rate.

Its about a 3 hour process and we do the best tuneup on the island.

What is the sale?
List Price is $405.00

SALE PRICE $255 FLAT RATE all tax included!

See all the calcium, silicates, and crude on the T&P Relief Valve.    If this valve doesn't open and relieve pressure when your tank temp goes up, you can rupture a pipe in your house, maybe under your slab.     Yes, I don't even want to think about that.

There is another valve like this on the roof on your panel, protecting the panel and piping.
TO Reserve your Spot click below to send up email and lock in your sale price.    Total Tuneups at the Sale Price is limited by HECO Buydown Funding to 1000 on the whole island.

Click now, don't say I'll do it later and then forget and miss out

Click the red link below to send us email
Or call us at (808) 671-5566
We REPLACE the sacrificial ANODE

See the center loop, it is just a wire now, all the material is gone.    These anodes do work, they do save your system, until they are gone.   Then your system rusts out, as simple as that

What is a Tune-Up?

Read below for all the details

3 Year TUNE-UP Preventative Maintenance— 28 Point  Solar Service including:

Replacement of (3) Three very important safety and Corrosion protection items:

1. Sacrificial Corrosion Preventing Anode (to reduce corrosion on tank and whole system)

2. Pressure/Temperature Relief Valve (to relieve pressure from within tank and panels, prevents your plumbing systems from getting over pressurized and possible rupture)

3. Pressure Relief Valve on the Panels for safety and equipment protection.
· Replacement of up to 8 feet of insulation at rooftop, if needed. Coat all insulation on rooftop with protective UV coating.
· 25 additional  tunings, set point verifications, and system checks.

Recently, we have heard about companies offering a “Tune Up” service, and offer to “inspect” the parts and replace if necessary.   We find this to be misleading, since you cannot inspect a P&T Relief Valve unless you shut down the tank, remove the valve, put it on a test bench, and test it. If it passes, they reinstall the old part back into the tank.
Does this make sense to you? Will they really do the test?   It is not possible for a service technician. 

We always replace the P&T. If the P&T fails to operate when your tank gets hot and the pressure builds, that pressure might blow a hole in any of your pipes.Those pipes may be on your roof, or underground... Or under your house. If something were to happen, where would it happen?

Think how nice it would be start the New Year with proper maintenance on the biggest money saving device in your house.    Yeah, real nice.   Real Easy, Real Cheap right now.

Pretty simple--

Call Pacific Energy @ Oahu (808) 671-5566.   
Leave a clear spoken message if we are not there, we are often out in the field, being productive, someone has to do it!!!

Or email to--- Just click on the link below
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