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Forward from the Chair
Welcome to this special conference edition of Federation Matters. The first half of the bulletin is designed for all Reps to read about what’s coming up at conference. The second half is designed to provide practical information for those attending.

This year marks our 92nd annual conference and the last time we will be in Bournemouth. I am honoured to address conference once more as chairman, and to speak on behalf of our members and the public to convey the hard-hitting realities of what police officers face.

The eyes of the country are upon us, and I know every delegate, observer and guest will help showcase the Federation as an organisation that is passionate, committed and professional, which cares deeply for the people it represents and for the service it provides to the public and our diverse communities.

Kind regards

Conference agenda
The full conference agenda is here.  If you want a hard copy of this please print it beforehand and bring it with you as we’re not printing any copies for conference.  However we have produced a pocket-sized agenda which will be printed and available for each delegate to pick up in Bournemouth. 
Questions for The Home Secretary
The Home Secretary, Theresa May, will be attending conference on Tuesday 17 May.

All representatives have an opportunity to submit a question for the Home Secretary to be used after the key note speeches on Tuesday.

Please submit questions to: by 12pm Wednesday 11 May. Please include your name and contact number. A selection of these will then be read out via the facilitator on the day- you do not need to be there to read it out, so this is an opportunity for you to be included even if you are not at conference.

On the day there will be open Mic sessions as normal.
Conference branding and new email signature
This year’s conference theme is Believe in Blue - duty is just the beginning. Believe in Blue is primarily a public-facing campaign to engender stronger support for police officers by showcasing the demands of the job and the many roles officers carry out in society, not just tackling crime. It's about getting support for you - our officers in blue and supporting the thin blue line.

You can copy and paste the brand image below to use as an email signature, if you wish. You should be able to do this by copying the image and pasting it within ‘Signatures’ on the top menu bar of a new message.  

The #CutsHaveConsequences footer was last year's brand.
Social Media, Twitter Hashtags
Over the three days of conference we encourage you all to use social media to highlight all that is good in policing and support our Believe in Blue campaign.  It is also a great opportunity to push our national messages and any local messaging around the challenges that policing faces.  Our corporate Twitter account is @PFEW_HQ  Our hashtag for conference is #PolFed16 – please use this when tweeting about the event. 
Officers have important stories to tell and it is vital the public hears what you have to say but please be mindful of what you are actually typing.  Officers are always on duty and need to abide by the codes of conduct and ethics governing their behaviour even on Twitter – no one is anonymous.  Please don’t do or say anything that may bring the police, your force, local federation or PFEW into disrepute. 
If you would like to talk to someone about social media while at conference or another time please contact communications on 07713485580
Venue and Security
Please use the Exeter Road entrance to Bournemouth International Centre (BIC) during normal conference hours.  You will need your pass at all times inside the venue – if you lose your pass or have a change of delegation please go to the Accreditation Office which will be situated to the right of the Exeter Road entrance.  Your Police Federation conference office contact at BIC is Nyki Curtis: 07872 678604
For security purposes you are advised not to wear your conference pass outside BIC for your own safety – only put it on as you enter the venue.  Please be mindful of heightened security at this time.  Take care of your pass and personal belongings, don’t leave bags unattended and report anything suspicious.  You are also reminded that you are responsible for your own security at your respective hotels and should give thought to a risk assessment. 
Please note there are no storage facilities in the Accreditation Office, you will need to use the lockers provided by BIC for bags and any personal belongings. 
The wi-fi connection is open – there will be no need to put in a password – so there shouldn't be any access issues. 
Please note BIC is a no smoking venue. 
While in Bournemouth you are a representative of the police and Police Federation so your behaviour should reflect this at all times, even when out and about.  This includes respecting local communities with regard to late night noise and litter etc. 
Please be aware of your surroundings and act accordingly. Members of the national media will be present throughout and the whole conference is being streamed live on the internet.
Photography and live streaming
There’ll be an official photographer taking photos throughout conference of speakers on stage, exhibiters, delegates etc.  We will also be streaming a live feed of the conference on the internet so you can watch remotely via our website and mobile app.
Media presence and arrangements
Members of the national press and media will be in attendance throughout the conference.  There will be specific areas for them to sit and work in and communications staff will be on hand to assist with their enquiries.  Set times will be planned for interviews with key spokespeople.
Exhibition Area
Nearly 60 exhibitions have been booked and there will be lots going on within the exhibitor hall during breaks, so please take time to visit them.
Charity challenges
We appreciate that many of you will be taking part in various charity challenges and want to promote them to your colleagues at conference. 

There is a specific time slot for this on the main stage on Wednesday at 12.15pm which has had to be limited to 15 minutes in total.  If you would like to promote your charity challenge at this time please email communications before midday on Wednesday 11 May and we will try to accommodate you.

Please note, it will need to be fairly significant: as an example last year two officers rowed 3,000 nautical miles across the Atlantic Ocean to raise £100,000 for Alzheimer's Society and St Clare's Hospice.  If this section is oversubscribed we will select names from a hat.
Retired reps
As requested by the separates’ secretaries, this is a reminder to please send the details of any Police Federation representatives who have retired during the last year to the relevant person below so a list can be collated and prepared ahead of conference. 
Retired constable reps –
Retired sergeant reps –
Retired inspector reps –
Conference 2017 and beyond
Next year, Conference will take place in Birmingham where it will be held for a three year period. The format of conference will also change.  Following agreement at the INC in March the number of delegates to conference will be capped at 467 and it will be held over two days.