National Membership Database
The National Membership Database, which will enable the Police Federation of England and Wales to communicate directly with its 122,000 members for the first time, is now in its final phase of testing and is due to go live at Conference in May. All bar two forces have provided data for their officers and a welcome email will be sent them when it goes live. It is then anticipated that monthly bulletins will be sent detailing the key areas of work the PFEW is undertaking on their behalf. As a rep, if you think there are key issues the bulletin should cover then please let us know.
In time, local federations will also have access to the database to communicate with their own members. However, due to the personal nature of the data contained in the database further data and security checks relating to the wider roll out will need to be completed before this can happen. Local branches will be kept informed as to what this means to them and how they will be able to use the system in due course.
Rise in long-term sick leave

New research by the BBC shows an increase in the number of police officers taking long-term sick leave for psychological reasons.  Using statistics from 40 forces across the country, the BBC has reported the number of cases of officers and police staff on extended leave for mental health reasons has increased by nearly 35 per cent in the last five years.

PFEW has stated that unfortunately, this is not suprising, given the ever-increasing stress officers are under to do more with less. Read PFEW's full response to the research on our website

Police Education Qualification Framework
Latest POLICE Magazine
PFEW argues that further evidence is needed to support the Police Education Qualification Framework currently proposed by the College of Policing. Read the new article outlining our position and why we're concerned.
The latest edition of POLICE Magazine is now available to download online. Included in this edition is a special feature on Justice for PC Philips.
Independent Review
New Firearms Blog
The latest update on the work being carried out as part of the Independent Review is now available on the Hub

Problem accessing the Hub?

Che Donald, PFEW's lead for Firearms and Taser, gives his reaction on Government's plans to increase the number of trained firearms officers, in his latest Blog
Believe in Blue is continuing to get fantastic feedback from officers and members of the public who have seen the film in cinemas.

In the last month alone, the website has been viewed over 7,000 times, there have been over 50,000 impressions via Twitter and nearly 16,000 on Facebook

We are still looking for original stories to add to the BiB website, which demonstrate the bravery of the police in protecting the public. Please tell us if you have a story we can use, send us an email or submit your story online
This year marks the 13th National Police Memorial Day, which will be held at St Paul’s Cathedral in London on Sunday 25 September 2016.

This is an annual event which honours police officers throughout the United Kingdom who have given the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty

Registration is now open and can be done a number of ways: via the National Police Memorial Day website, via email, or by calling: 07843 293958

Closing date for registration is Friday 22 July 2016
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