July 2016

Daniela and Salima using water from the newly installed collection tank.

Progress towards water security

Staff recently completed the installation of a 3,000 litre Canadian manufactured water tank. The tank was included in the container that was shipped to the orphanage in June last year.  Improving drinking water collection became an urgent need when the water system in the City of Uvira started failing. It meant intermittent water supply, sometimes having access to running water as little as 2 to 3 days per week.  Now water is collected in the tank when the supply is available and the tank holds up to 30 days worth of fresh water supply.

Niya's mother sitting by her bedside in Uvira hospital.

Preventable diseases still kill daily in Africa

One of the volunteers at the orphanage, a beautiful young lady named Niya contracted an aggressive strain of malaria and spend almost a month in hospital. Hospital care in Congo (DRC), is very expensive and acute care is often not within the reach of the average person or family. Read more...   

Partnership with RSDK to support Orphanage

We are excited to announce that RSDK, a local clothing designer, came on board as a sponsor partner to support the orphanage. They will be launching a commemorative shirt, where a % of the proceeds of every sale will go towards the children's education.  Please visit their website at: to see more of their products.

Final Assembly after another school year is done. The majority of the children did quite well, but, unfortunately a few of our children failed to progress to the next grade. The orphanage staff are working with school teachers and adminstrators to understand where the shortcomings are, so that they can work on closing the gap. They have hired a teacher to help 3 afternoons per week at the orphanage to assist the students that are struggling.
Children from the orphanage walk a piece of land that they hope to purchase for a permanent future home for Grace Orphanage.

Fundraising started for a permanent home for the Orphanage

Save the Date! We are pleased to announce our partnership with Island Optimal Health / Moksha Yoga to present "Party With a Purpose 2016", a formal gala and dance that will be held on November 12 at the Nanaimo Museum. 100% of the proceeds will go towards the land                                                      purchase. More details to follow.


Kiza Gerare

A 9 year old boy, born in Sange village. Kiza’s parents were killed when a petrol tank exploded next to a restaurant they were selling their food in. With no one to care for them, Kiza and his sister were left to a life on the streets. They were found destitute and suffering and taken into care by Grace Ministries Childrens Home. Kiza is in grade 3 at primary school.

Diye Gilbert

Diye, a 9 year old boy, was born in Kolomoni. Diye’s mother died during a gun raid in the jungle by rebels. His father was an alcoholic and could not care for his children. Diye was abandoned and living under the care of their neighbor who later died. Diye now lives in the care of Grace Ministries Childrens Home. He is in grade 2 at primary school

Fiscal Responsibilty

We commit to keep our fundraising expenses to a minimum and will ensure that your donations make it to the children.

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