National Cyber Security Awareness Month Week 2:
Securing Devices at Home and Work

"2020 saw a major disruption in the way many work, learn, and socialize online. Our homes are more connected than ever. Our businesses are more connected than ever..."

Cyber Security Tips

  • Exercise Secure User Habits. To minimize ransomware threat, backup data on external drives and portable media. Disconnect external storage when not in use. Disable or disconnect printer and fax wireless and phone lines when not in use. Power down access points overnight or when not in use. Minimize charging mobile with desktop; use the power adapter instead. Turn off desktop, instead of leaving in sleep mode. Disconnect a desktop’s internet connect when not in use.
  • Treat business information as personal information. Business information typically includes a mix of personal and proprietary data. While you may think of trade secrets and company credit accounts, it also includes employee personally identifiable information (PII) through tax forms and payroll accounts. Do not share PII with unknown parties or over unsecured networks.
  • Safeguard against Eavesdropping. Disconnect digital assistants when not in use. Limit conversation near baby monitors, audio recordable toys, and digital assistants. For toys, laptops, and monitoring devices, cover cameras unless in direct use.Disable wireless for entertainment devices unless in use. Disconnect internet access if a device is not commonly used.
  • Don’t make passwords easy to guess. As “smart” or data-driven technology evolves, it is important to remember that security measures only work if used correctly by employees. Smart technology runs on data, meaning devices such as smartphones, laptop computers, wireless printers, and other devices are constantly exchanging data to complete tasks. Take proper security precautions and ensure correct configuration to wireless devices in order to prevent data breaches. For more information about smart technology see the Internet of Things blog posts.
  • Be up to date. Keep your software updated to the latest version available. Maintain your security settings to keeping your information safe by turning on automatic updates so you don’t have to think about it and set your security software to run regular scans.
  • Social media is part of the fraud toolset. By searching Google and scanning your organization’s social media sites, cybercriminals can gather information about your partners and vendors, as well as human resources and financial departments. Employees should avoid oversharing on social media and should not conduct official business, exchange payment, or share PII on social media platforms. Read the Social Media Cybersecurity Tip Sheet for more information.
  • It only takes one time. Data breaches do not typically happen when a cybercriminal has hacked into an organization’s infrastructure. Many data breaches can be traced back to a single security vulnerability, phishing attempt, or instance of accidental exposure. Be wary of unusual sources, do not click on unknown links, and delete suspicious messages immediately.
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