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28th February 2018

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All of us here are brimming with excitement and anticipation because there is less than a month to go until National Kitchen Table Week. It is one of our favourite times of year; we get to see conversations rooted in kindness play out across the country in such a joyous way.

We have been astounded by how #NKTW2018 has once again hit a chord, with many of you planning (or already!) hosting tables. Twitter is exploding with comments from people telling us what they have in store!

This is a great opportunity for us all to consider key questions around how we can help people work safely. With this in mind, we would love it if your conversations were linked to three topics;

  1. How everyone across the NHS could implement ‘safety II’ i.e. a way of looking at what works as well as what doesn’t. 
  2. How we can instil ‘joy at work’ by building on the initiatives such as ‘learning from excellence’, #kind2018 and saying thank you to the people you work with.
  3. How we can keep building this way of developing relationships and having conversations so that they become part of the everyday fabric of the NHS.

We explore this in more detail below. And if you’re mulling over whether to try a Kitchen Table for yourself, whether during #NKTW2018 or anytime, you will find lots of resources to help as well.

Coming up:

Twitter pic of the week
The Kitchen Table has gone up at Frimley Health! Exciting times #NKTW2018
Why three key topics 

Suzette explores what we’re trying to achieve with kitchen tables and where the idea for key questions comes from here. This is a must read as something that gives you a much deeper understanding of what we're trying to achieve and some wonderful examples. And it is a very special one...
Resources to help you bring people together

#NKTW2018 is for everyone whether you’re a GP surgery, care home, community provider, mental health trust, ambulance, CCG, acute trust or any other type of organisation in healthcare. The resources we share here can be used wherever you are, and whoever you want to talk to. With the site, we didn’t want to create another checklist or toolkit, but a space where there can be continuous learning, sharing of knowledge and experiences and a move towards the safety II way of thinking.

It’s certainly not a finished product (nor will it ever be), so we'd like your help to build on it. There is so much more to learn and we want to do that with you. Tell us your experiences; the good, the not so good, the ideas that are in the back of your head and the challenges that you face to make those ideas materialise, what came of posing those three key questions? We’d love to hear from you.
NKTW 2018 plans across the country

Every day we are hearing about more and more plans for #NKTW2018, including Lancashire Care and the Care Homes Team at Northern Devon Healthcare.

Just this week we heard that Nicola Robinson and the team at Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust are planning to bring together members of the maternity, neonates and paediatrics teams to talk about how they could make the biggest impact across all women's, children’s and young people's care - wonderful!

And below are just a few examples from social media to give you a flavour of what’s happening across the country...
Please do share your pics and plans, we love to see them and will save all those to our flickr site for all to see.
Recognising the difference people can make

Our site is also full of real life experiences from people like you, like this one; 'Recognising the difference people can make'.

Here Dr Ghada Ramadan, Associate Medical Director for patient safety at Medway NHS Foundation Trust, tells us a little about the journey they have been on, from special measures through to seeing evidence that improvements are happening.

This is not just about seeing a change in terms of data, but also a shift in feeling. Of how people are embracing the need to talk to each other about making care safer and taking the steps needed to make a difference to the safety culture in the longer term.

Read their journey from special measures to seeing improvement happening here.
A little bit more inspiration

Last year’s National Kitchen Table Week was a huge success owed to the amazing work and dedication that so many of you put in! 

We’re very lucky that the lovely the team at Frimley Health wrote an extremely useful blog for us about their Kitchen Table Week experience that provides insights and tips for anyone wanting to host their own.

If Kitchen Tables are new to you we recommend that you give it a read. It provides some great ideas to get the most from your event and some innovative ways to spread Kitchen Tables throughout your organisations.

Are you a community, care home, mental health, ambulance, GP or private health practitioner? - have you held a Kitchen Table or do you plan to? We'd love to share your story too. Get in touch via email and tell us all about it.
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