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14th March 2018
Dear <<First Name>>

Gosh this has come around fast! In less than a week we will once again be celebrating National Kitchen Table Week. All your hard work and preparation will be paying off as the conversations about safety start to flow. How exciting is that!?

We are seeing more and more plans for Kitchen Tables popping up on Twitter and can't tell you how excited we are to see the pictures start rolling in. When we see the pictures you share we feel a part of your events and we love it! We will also be collating all of the photos that come through on our flickr so do keep 'em coming.

This week we thought we'd give you some extra goodies to make sure your tables next week are as brilliant as they can possibly be. Below are some ideas for asking appreciative questions, some topics that we'd love for you to cover and some tips on how to reframe the conversation from the negative to the positive.
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Throwback to #NKTW2017
We loved this gem from last year's Kitchen Table at North Somerset Community Partnership!  And we can't wait to see more amazing pictures next week 
Topics for your Kitchen Table

Kitchen Table week is all about helping you bring together staff and colleagues to engage in open, insightful and joyous conversations about what they know about working safety.
It’s a great opportunity for us all to consider key questions around this. With this in mind, we would love it if your conversations were linked to three topics;
  1. How everyone across the NHS could implement ‘safety II’ i.e. a way of looking at what works as well as what doesn’t.
  2. How we can instil ‘joy at work’ by building on the initiatives such as ‘learning from excellence’, #kind2018 and saying thank you to the people you work with.
  3. How we can keep building this way of developing relationships and having conversations so that they become part of the everyday fabric of the NHS.
Help from Suzette for understanding Kitchen Tables

One of the best resources we can offer you for understanding why all of this is so important are the blogs that our National Director Suzette Woodward writes.

Suzette has pretty much documented out entire journey in a way that only she could, turning heaps of information into easily digestible chunks. We recommend them all but if you are pushed for time and just have five minutes spare read one of the blogs below. Each one is different but they all illuminate the reasons why Kitchen Tables and, more to the point, talking to each other is integral to a safety culture.
Sharing great questions for great conversations round the kitchen table

Suzanne Quinney, from Appreciating People, has shared with us some positive and appreciative questions as inspiration for your Kitchen Tables. These were developed by Caroline Maries-Tillott from Walsall Health Trust after she took part in Suzanne’s training on Appreciative Inquiry. Caroline used these in her own tables last year so we’re sure you’ll find them helpful too - they can be used whatever setting you find yourself in. There’s also help in here to reframe from what can be a habitually negative way of speaking, to a much more positive one.

Read more here

(And watch out for more on Caroline’s experiences of Kitchen Tables in the weeks to come).

We have also seen this interesting piece from IHI on Improving Joy at Work. The 'what matters to you' section has lots of questions that can help start conversations and we know some people have found this really useful. A big thank you to Victoria Murray at Frimley Health for sharing it with us.
NKTW 2018 across the country

Every day we are hearing about more and more plans for #NKTW2018.

Nuggets from this week are that Pamela Wood and her team at Lancashire Care are so excited for their event they just couldn’t wait until next week and are having it this Friday instead! And Medway’s Kitchen Table will be supported by their Freedom to Speak Up Guardians.

And below are just a few more examples to give you a flavour of what’s happening across the country...
Have you seen our brand new website?

Over the past few months we've shared others' experiences, our experiences, useful resources and the knowledge we've gained through the campaign in the hope of inspiring you to create an environment where people are willing to speak, be listened to, heard and understood. We promised a while ago to collect this together for you into one easy place - drum role please - we'd like to introduce to you our new website!

With #NKTW2018 next week, some of you may be thinking about trying a Kitchen Table for the first time. It may seem like a daunting prospect but there is loads of help available to you on our website that covers topics including; asking questions, listening, capturing what is being said and tons of evidence for why we think this is so important.

We are planting the seeds, but this is a communal garden and we need you to help it grow. This site will grow over time and we'd appreciate you telling us what you think of it, and if you have something to contribute we'd love to hear from you.
U.S Patient Safety Awareness Week

We’re all part of an international movement - we believe patient safety is changing and more and more organisations in more and more countries are starting to look at culture and behaviours as having a huge impact on working safety.

This week is Patient Safety Awareness Week for the U.S, organised by United for Patient Safety and this year they are putting a huge emphasis on the importance of developing a safety culture.

They are holding some interesting discussions that you can be a part of on twitter using #PSAW18 and have also got some great resources that you can access for free via their website.
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