Fall 2015 SAFE Newsletter
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Do You Ask Yourself These Questions?
As we begin thinking about the upcoming holiday season, we can't help but consider all of the shopping that goes along with it. Rest assured, there are ways to keep spending in check during the holidays and all throughout the year! Before making a purchase (especially a large one!) consider asking yourself these questions:
  • Do I really need this?
  • Do I have the extra cash to pay for this?
  • Do I have something that works just as well?
  • Is this a good value?
  • Would I feel better if I saved this amount of money or if I spent it on this item?
  • Can I delay this purchase?
  • Am I willing to think about whether or not to make this purchase for 24 hours to be sure it's a need, not a want?
We all make faster decisions when we're bogged down with things to do! The holidays are a prime example of a time when it's easy to make purchases we regret for the sake of crossing something off our list. Sometimes just delaying a purchase for a few hours or a day can help provide us with a whole new perspective.
Knowing what is most important to you is key to making smart spending decisions. This will help you spend money on the things that matter and help you make wiser financial decisions.
SAFE Supports Assets for Independence Program

SAFE has partnered with ProAction of Steuben & Yates, Inc. and several other local community organizations to support the Assets for Independence (AFI) Program. SAFE has provided grant funding and has pledged volunteer educator support for the new program, which will provide individual development accounts (IDAs) and related services to twenty-five (25) eligible low-income individuals.
AFI participants will develop a savings plan and every dollar deposited to their savings account will be matched 2:1 by the AFI project (up to $2,000). Through promoting personal savings, the AFI Program will enable individuals to accumulate long-term productive assets and move toward financial stability by choosing from one of the following assets: buying a first home, starting a business, or enrolling in post-secondary education or training.
AFI Partners in the Community include: United Way of the Southern Tier, ServU Federal Credit Union, StraightTalk Association for Financial Empowerment (SAFE), Arbor Housing and Development, Corning Small Business Development Center, Regional Economic Development & Energy Corporation (REDEC), and M&T (Bank First Home Club Program).
Click here to learn more about eligibility requirements or to view the referral form.
Call for Volunteers
As part of its mission to provide financial management tools and education throughout the community, SAFE is currently seeking volunteers in order to expand its reach and impact to other organizations. SAFE members are encouraged to contact the organization with any volunteer interest; however, we are specifically looking for members interested in writing content for upcoming newsletters and volunteering as presenters for various workshops and seminars.
In addition, if you are aware of any community group or organization that may be interested in SAFE's financial education programs or funding, please contact us.
Prospective volunteers may call SAFE at 866-854-5577 or email
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