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A Note from Rev. Alexander E. Sharp, CNDP Project Director:
Heroin has been all over the news, including the need for more harm reduction programs. In my blog post below I mention that IL Gov. Rauner vetoed a bill to help people addicted to heroin access treatment. If you live in Illinois, act now to help overturn this veto! As people of faith, we advocate for health not punishment.
Faithfully, Rev. Alexander E. Sharp
Vetoing the Commission?
Recent blog post by Rev. Alexander E. Sharp - It’s not surprising that one of Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner’s first acts upon taking office almost a year ago was to create a special commission to help him reduce Illinois’ prison population by 25% within the next ten years.

Reducing prison costs has become a national issue transcending the deep divisions between political parties. In a politically gridlocked state, it is an area in which he might achieve something. With a $4 billion current-year budget deficit looming, the potential savings in reduced costs of incarceration could come in handy.

What are the prospects for real reform? Recent actions by the Governor raise serious doubts. Six months before the Commission is scheduled to produce his final report, he is blocking the kinds of changes essential to achieving its stated goals.

One way to reduce the prison population over time is to change the laws that define crimes and sentences. A second is to divert people who should never have been caught up in the first place. The Governor has just undercut bills that speak to each alternative.
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Removing Bars to Employment for People with Records

By Jonathan Holmes

People with criminal records face significant barriers in society. A charge or conviction can impact one’s ability to find housing, employment, and stability. The War on Drugs and mass incarceration policies have had a detrimental impact on the lives of many who are seeking to turn their lives around, but because of past records, are unable to provide for their families and be assets to their communities.
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