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Parties and Platforms
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Over these two weeks, Republicans and Democrats are nominating presidential candidates and unveiling their party platforms.   The polarization is deep on virtually all issues, including drug policy. What underlies these profound differences?  Here is an analysis we have found useful in both interpreting policy and our own religious faith.  
We also share recent efforts to engage clergy on drug policy in Maine, and in Illinois.

Rev. Alexander E. Sharp
Executive Director, Clergy for a New Drug Policy
Two Models of Christianity

As the political conventions get underway, we have the opportunity to test our tolerance for partisan, sometimes offensive, rhetoric. We also will be able to review the party platforms -- which may or may not bear any resemblance to what is being said on the podium.

As the platforms are released, we can analyze individual policy recommendations. But perhaps here it would be more helpful to consider the underlying assumptions that explain what we hear from each party.

Ten Years ago, George Lakoff, a linguist from the University of California, Berkeley, tackled the puzzle of what explains the constellation of issues for each: how can conservatives be simultaneously “pro-life” concerning abortion even as they support the death penalty? Why do liberals support a social safety net, protection of the environment, gun control, and affirmative action, while conservatives argue for just the opposite?

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In Illinois
Clergy have urged Governor Rauner to sign SB 2228, which would provide for civil rather than criminal sanctions for low-level possession of marijuana in Illinois. We are grateful to those who did so here on-line two weeks ago.
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Across the Country
Clergy in Maine are urging colleagues to support the ballot initiative on November 8 that calls for the taxing and regulation of marijuana. Maine is one of five states, along with California, Nevada, Arizona, and Massachusetts, expected to vote on similar ballot initiatives this fall.
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Support the Veterans’ Access to Medical Marijuana Amendment.
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