CNDP December 2016 Newsletter #1
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The Compassionate Jesus
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

In March, 2015, Vice President-elect Mike Pence, then Governor of Indiana, faced a moment of truth.  As an Evangelical Christian, he had long opposed clean needle exchanges, but now he was faced with perhaps the most serious public health crisis in Indiana.  In this issue, we explore what all of us, including Evangelicals, might learn from his response. 
We also report on initial efforts to reform the profoundly unjust way in which Cook County uses bail as a means test to determine who should be detained in Cook County Jail.


Rev. Alexander E. Sharp, 
Executive Director, Clergy for a New Drug Policy
Governor Pence’s Moment of Truth

As Governor of Indiana, Mike Pence faced a moment of truth on March 26, 2015.   An  Evangelical Christian, for six terms in Congress he had opposed any form of clean needle exchange that might save the lives of intravenous drug users risking infection from HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis C. 
But now, faced with national coverage of perhaps the largest public health crisis in Indiana’s history, he found himself sitting at his giant mahogany desk in the Governor’s office, signing a bill permitting clean needle exchanges in Scott County, where the outbreak was especially virulent.

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On  November 18, the Cook County Board of Commissioners held a hearing to lay the groundwork for reforming  the use of cash bail

Many individuals, including a large number of non-violent drug offenders, sit for an average of 25 days awaiting trail simply because they cannot post bond. 

CNDP Project Coordinator Rev. Saeed Richardson, former chaplain at Cook County Jail, reflects upon the profound injustice of the current system.
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Take Action
Abolish Civil Asset Forfeiture 
The government should not be able to seize property from innocent people. Help end policing for profit. 

Roll Back Harsh Mandatory Minimum Drug Laws
Ask your legislators to cosponsor the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act.
Sign CNDP's Religious Declaration 
Join an interfaith cooperative against the War on Drugs.
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