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June Newsletter
A Note from Rev. Alexander E. Sharp, CNDP Project Director:
During the month of June, CNDP has focused our efforts in Rhode Island, in order to garner support for legislation that would mandate the taxation and regulation of marijuana. An Op-Ed I authored in support of the legislation was published in the Providence Journal last week. Our work was also featured in an article in the Chicago Tribune earlier this month. We are grateful for your support as we work towards a more compassionate drug policy.
Ending the Drug War is a Jewish Moral Imperative
Guest blog post by Roy Kaufmann, co-founder of Le’Or, a start-up Jewish nonprofit focused on engaging the Jewish community to help end the Drug War. 

When we first started writing this piece, it was largely going to be about how ironic the taboo of drugs is in the Jewish community, given the great many Members of the Tribe who have personal knowledge of said drugs, not to mention those who play leading roles in drug-policy reform, stoner culture, medical marijuana research, the emerging cannabis industry, and so on. We’ll write that one next.

But Charleston changed things. Charleston, where nine Black Americans were murdered by a white-supremacist domestic terrorist intent on igniting a race war. Nine Americans, murdered in their place of worship, in an historic house of worship, in a state whose capitol still flies the Stars-n-Bars of the Confederacy.

We talk a lot about tikkun olam. Repairing our country, our world. Well, this country of ours will never be what it promises to be if we don’t heal the festering wound that is institutional, historic, and omnipresent racism...In every aspect of our society, violence against Black Americans and Brown Americans is pandemic and institutionalized. And one of those institutions that has caused the most destruction has been and continues to be the War on Drugs.
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Rhode Island Update

By Rev. Al Sharp

Over the past six months, I have made two trips to Rhode Island to help it become the fifth state to regulate and tax marijuana. I’ve even bet $20 that we will succeed this year. If so, it will be the first time this has been accomplished through legislative action rather than the ballot initiatives in Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Alaska. Neither the Speaker of the House nor the President of the Senate has yet called the bill – HB 5777 and SB 0510 – and time is running out. 
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Take Action
Sign CNDP's Religious Declaration against the War on Drugs.
- Ask your Representative to sponsor legislation to tax and regulate marijuana like alcohol at the federal level.
- Sign to Support the FAIR Act to roll back the drug war by ending civil asset forfeiture.
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