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July Newsletter
Dear <<First Name>>,

Last March, I launched an online and on-the-ground organizing campaign called Clergy for a New Drug Policy (CNDP).  Its purpose is to mobilize clergy nationally to end the failed War on Drugs. Our broader goal is to advance a paradigm of health, not punishment, with regard to drug use; and, in so doing, to significantly change the culture of punishment so deeply embedded in our national history. 

In the past four months, over 200 individuals from over 35 states have signed our Religious Declaration. We hope to have at least 500 clergy from all 50 states sign by the end of the calendar year.  This will enable us to be a significant voice on national and state issues.  I invite you to join us and sign the religious declaration here. While clergy are especially important as signers, this possibility is open to all who support our work.

We are also organizing to pass legislation in key states.  We have already helped to gain approval for the decriminalization of marijuana in Illinois, we have made strong inroads toward the taxation and regulation of marijuana in Rhode Island, we have established a base of support in other New England and mid-Atlantic states, and we have become a recognized voice for treatment and education as an alternative to incarceration.

In addition to maintaining an active presence on Twitter and Facebook, we also send occasional email opportunities to take action on our agenda goals, and a monthly e-newsletter featuring recent blog posts.  

I invite you to read our July newsletter edition below.  I hope you will want to let us keep your abreast of our work by receiving similar emails in the future.  If not, please press the unsubscribe bar visible at the end of this email.  If you like what you see here, please share it with clergy and other friends.  

With best wishes,
Rev. Alexander Sharp
Executive Director of Clergy for a New Drug Policy
A Significant Milestone
Recent blog post by Rev. Alexander E. Sharp - In spring 2013, shortly before medical marijuana legislation passed in Illinois, I called a suburban police chief who was a formidable opponent of the bill. He had become a national hero in the Reagan years for his service to our country. We had a good conversation. But as I started to push for his support, he muttered, with guttural defiance, “Marijuana is not medicine. It’s just a weed.”

The chief cannot say this anymore. If he does, he will now be taking on the American Medical Association. The June 23 issue of the AMA Journal contains two major articles that survey much of the existing research on the effectiveness of cannabis as medicine. The lead piece concludes, “There was moderate evidence to support the use of cannabinoids for the treatment of chronic pain and spasticity.” (p 2474) Cautious perhaps, but for the AMA, this is akin to Justice Scalia supporting Obamacare.

The support was by no means one-sided. “Medical marijuana is used to treat a host of indications, a few of which have evidence to support treatment with marijuana and many that do not.” (p 2474)
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New England Methodists Challenge the War on Drugs

By Rev. Eric Dupee

At the 2015 Annual Conference of New England United Methodists (June 17-20), I submitted Resolution 15-203 TO END THE WAR ON DRUGS. Two people joined me on stage for the presentation. Drew Bairnsfather is a member of the church I serve. Jack Cole represented Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP). The resolution passed overwhelmingly and the body voted to submit it to the 2016 General Conference, the governing body of the United Methodist Church.
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Take Action

Sign CNDP's Religious Declaration against the War on Drugs.
- Sign to Support the CARERS Act, a piece of bipartisan legislation to legalize marijuana for medical use. 

Sign to Support the REDEEM Act to ensure successful reentry and give people a fair second chance.

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