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Newsletter #3:                                                            December, 2014

Great News!  USAID Grand Awarded

On December 11th, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) awarded the Rambo Committee $600,000 for use by the Christian Hospital Mungeli (CHM) in a project to improve maternal and child health.  In addition, the Rambo Committee is also contributing more than $97,000 for this project. These funds will be used to enhance the availability and quality of pre and post natal care and infant and child care at the hospital and in outlying villages.
In the area around Mungeli, the hard truth is that everyday thousands of women giving birth are poor, with low literacy, and inequitable access to health care and emergency medical care. This forces them to seek medical care from untrained village practitioners and traditional healers, which inevitably leads to further medical complications. Due to a woman's poor nutrition and lack of pre-natal care, their babies suffer from the first breath. These women are caught in a vicious cycle of poverty and lack of health education leading to poor nutrition, unhealthy babies and serious medical complications and socio-economic disadvantages for the mother and child. Funding from USAID will help CHM break this cycle.  Among other things, this grant will allow CHM to:
  • Purchase and outfit a custom-designed mobile exam bus, so that our doctors and nurses can travel into the local villages and conduct pre and post natal examinations and even deliveries if required.  The bus will also enable both sonograms and lab work to be conducted onsite, to enhance on-the-spot delivery of much needed medical services;
  • Initiate a mobile text reminder service that will send timely alerts on the mobile clinic visits and nutrition advice;
  • Equip a Health Education Room to provide instruction for mothers, fathers and mother-in-laws (infant caregivers) in maternal and infant nutrition and health care;
  • Equip a new, state-of-the-art Newborn Intensive Care Unit to ensure that 25 medically-fragile newborns at any one time have better chances of survival;
  • Equip a new Labor and Delivery room;
  • Equip a new Intensive Care Unit for women suffering from acute conditions including complications from delivery such as postpartum sepsis, postpartum hemorrhage, ruptured uterus, eclampsia, and pregnancy complications due to malaria (particularly cerebral malaria) requiring surgical and intensive care treatment;
  • Equip a new Operating Room.
If you would like to learn more and follow our progress as we design our new mobile exam bus, update our maternal/child care abilities and begin new education programs to improve infant health, please visit our website
We couldn’t wait to share our news!  It will take some time to give thanks appropriately for every dollar.  Please help us by offering a prayer of gratitude where you live.
For more information regarding the grant, contact Steve Minson, President and Chair of the Rambo Committee, Inc. at or Landa Harris Simmons, Executive Director, at .
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