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Yes; we are still walking

For now *dun dun duuuhhh!*
We are entering into week two of both shelter in place AND our March-April session. It has been very nice having the low traffic streets while picking up the pooches, I must admit. What else is nice? Your dogs! Everyone is enjoying the places we are going.
This week's topics:
  • Reviews!
  • Health Stuff for the Dogs
  • Health Stuff for the Humans
  • So Long But Not For Long
  • Still Hiring and Still Meet and Greeting... I know, it's weird right now
  • The Dog Notes


Drop us a review of our services on our Facebook Page or our Google Business Page (I don't know how to link the latter, egad.) We can always use a bolster of happy written vibes that others can see as well! If there is something we can improve upon, please contact me so that I can address it.

Health Stuff for the Dogs

Friendly reminder for everyone: be sure to keep up your dog's preventatives for flea, tick, and heartworm! Even though less humans are out, the parasites are still around.
Friendly reminder for the fuzzies: I am loving the shorter haircuts. Keep up the good work on maintaining "clean feet" for our haired pals to cut down on foxtails and other hangers-on.

Health Stuff for the Humans

I will be continuing groups based off of Santa Clara County's mandate released on Monday, March 16th as long as I nor my partner show any signs of COVID-19. If either of us display signs, I will contact you all and halt walks until it is resolved. Thank you for your support and your patience with the whole novel-virus-we-don't-have-any-herd-immunity-to-quite-yet. Here's the latest:
I'm wearing masks, wiping the dogs down, and the dogmobile gets a daily dosing of Lysol. I am also wiping down as many surfaces as I can with Lysol that I touch at or around your home.

So Long But Not For Long

Our good buddy Rascal is taking a few weeks off to refine a few things to keep his A-game for our group times not just on-leash but off. We'll miss his spunk and know he'll be back soon.


Still Hiring and Still Meet and Greeting... I know, it's weird right now

Despite the current mandate, we are taking interviews via phone and video for part-time, consistent walkers to work with our best buddies.
Speaking of phone and video: we are still taking those types of consults and meet and greets for potential newcomers to our groups and private walking! We are no longer accepting in-person meet and greets at this time and are happy to meet people online for the time being.

Weekly notes!

  • Luke, Bianca, Davis, and Yoda took some social distancing time this past week, and they were missed. I'm sure they are enjoying extra time with their moms and dads!
  • Pepe has alternated between running around his home and running around the dog park! He has been extra cute. I think he knows something's up.
  • Miss Rita got a boo-boo and continued to find the perfect sticks for chewing and hop over to me for a perfect, treat-able sit. She's on the mend!
  • Rascal has been more fiesty than normal and clearly has recovered completely from his past owwie.
  • Bodhi's squirrel radar has been on super mode.
  • Kara's pets radar keeps her near my hands.
  • Luna has locked in her role as my shadow whether we are on leash or off.
  • Dash has been doing impressions of yo-yos. When he thinks I have a treat, he's at my side, then springs to the front of the group, then back in front of me for treat, then back in front... this guy has energy!
  • Callie enjoys the smaller group time at the park and has found that Pepe is her favorite playmate!
  • Bacon continues to be the herald of potential intruders. His voice echoed through the woods on Friday. So small, such a giant bark!
  • Peanut's attention span has grown from two seconds to twenty. I have no idea why, but I am enjoying it.
  • Mindy is still a cuckoopants, and she will only be attending Tuesdays and Thursdays for now.

Have a great week!
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