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It's hard to believe how fast the last few months have flown by; from adding new employees, to meeting new pups for training, and getting to know some dogs just itching (not fleas!) to get into group walks. In time, gentlemen. In time!
Meet the new human: Andi!

Andi is from San Jose and grew up with pets all around her. In school for film, she'll be joining us for group hikes weekly as well as pick up some private walks here and there. She completed her training month with flying colors, and we are happy to have her aboard the Good Sit ship. Toot toot!

Now, for this "week's" update, we have:
  • An ask to review us online so we look good good good
  • Get Well wishes to our group members
  • A Good-bye, a few Hellos, and some old Friends!
  • Reminder for flea and tick preventatives complete with gross picture
  • The Dog Notes, hereby known as Pupdates
  • Tons and tons of photos


We have three people with us at Good Sit; that means we have room for more dogs at group! Like six dogs! That's six new friends for your own best friend. Write a few sentences about why you enjoy working with us on our Facebook Page or Google Review Page and share with the rest of the Bay Area what their dogs can experience, too!

Get Well Soon!

Miss Luna had surgery last week. Please send her well-wishes and good vibes while she recovers.

Rascal had his own health scare not that long ago. He appears to be on the up and up and can still benefit from good vibes as well.
Bowie had a bout of giardia that has just cleared up! We are happy to see him happy, and we are sure Bianca is thrilled that he's getting out of the house again.

Wait. Who's Bowie? And those other dogs...

Before we get to Bowie: Rufus moved out to Hayward; we will be continuing to utilize his social pup talents with dogs learning how to play and be dogs, and we will be following his instagram religiously and encourage you to do the same! This silly boy just got his breed test results back and is apparently quarter Australian Cattle Dog? We don't see it, but whatever, he's cute.

Some hellos to our world are some little brothers of the four and two-footed variety. Rita's little brother Rex did basic training with us and is off at doggy board and train; Bianca's little brother Bowie is her spitting image (technically, he is her nephew) and has been working on not eating everything on the ground; Toofy's new little brother, Akash, has giggled and cooed his way into our hearts, arriving at the end of July. Toof has been the best big brother his family could hope for. He'll tell you he's still the favorite, we're sure.

We have another great little guy, Carmelo, who has joined Bowie on our Pilot Puppy Project: The Bachelor Boys! It's tough to find regular socializing time for little boy dogs who are not yet neutered; we are supplying that chance! Two days a week, the fellas join Mindy and Steph for playtime, sharing snacks, and going on adventures. This action helps them continue to train and socialize, helping the great big world around them seem not so scary or strange.

The past few months Steph has gotten to catch up with Dexter (of the ORIGINAL group hiking crew,) Davis, Pepe, and Frankie!

Flea and Tick Preventative

Remember! While us humans are spending more time at home, your dogs are still getting out and about. They need their flea and tick preventatives. Check in with your veterinarian to see if you can order some. If you need help with pick up let me know!

Here is a gross picture of Mindy's old bug bites :( on her tummy to burn into your recent memory to get those meds. 

"Weekly" pupdate!

  • Carmelo: CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? Carm got some one on one time, and he's learning how to get attention WITHOUT YELLING AT EVERYONE.
  • Bowie: He dazzled us with his play skills with Rufus this week; he would "get" Rufus, who would valiantly flop onto the ground. then they'd hop up and start over again.
  • Rita: The most beautiful girl in the world enjoyed oos and aaahs at the dog park from her adoring human fans while she snuck in some playing with friendly young pups. Her newest trick: hopping straight up in the air!
  • Callie: Have you ever seen a dog who runs as a physical expression of joy while simultaneously looking like a muppet who just got told she won the lottery? that's Callie.
  • Diya: Oh, poor Diya. She tells us every time we see her that she never gets fed, she never gets pets, and she NEVER gets to play with anyone ever. Poor, poor Diya.
  • Luke: He says, "I LOVE YOU."
  • Dash: We have figured out that Dash seems to want to Dash next to Steph. She is working on his loose leash walking as he continues to wow us with his ability to cover what feels like 5x the amount of ground everyone else does on hikes.
  • Luna: Luna has been sweet as sugar yet telling the other dogs to not trifle with her. She's been enjoying having the crate in the Blue dogmobile so that she doesn't worry about being mushed.
  • Kara: After a few weeks of having two foster siblings, Kara is happy to reclaim her spot on the couch that she "isn't allowed on" and has resumed her positioning on the back left of whoever she is walking beside.
  • Bodhi: Bodhi is also pleased that his temporary siblings have found their new homes, and he has resumed his happy trots.
  • Bianca: The Queen feels strongly that the ball must be thrown on off-leash days, and that treats must be delivered quickly.
  • Peanut: Peanut has been keeping us informed on where the squirrels and birds are with every walk. Thank goodness for Peanut.
  • Rascal: Ah yes, Mr. Plucky himself! He has a spring in his step and a bone to pick with the world. That bone? Where is the food?
  • Bogie: Is that food? Is it for Bogie? May he have it? He'll do a trick for you! He can jump! He can give paw! He can give pierce your eardrums with his squeal! While he's sitting! And downing!

Have a great week!
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