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This week's email is a bit more intense than normal. Don't worry; we'll cushion it with TONS OF PHOTOS.

This past Wednesday our group had a fighting incident; all parties' involved families have been contacted, the vet has been visited, and everyone is on the mend. We have a training plan set up for who we feel has the most work to do, and Cam and I are keeping our groups separated for a week or so to let the dogs cool down.

With that in mind: your own dogs while not directly involved may be acting a little more antsy, cuddly, or grumpy. Even when a dog isn't in a fight, they can still have some lingering feelings they can't sort out, ie bodies returning back to normal hormone levels after a spike in AAHHH mode. I suggest giving your dogs direction by practicing things they are good at (fetch, responding to cues, performing tricks, etc) and giving them attention without smothering them.

Cameron and I have discussed the event several times, and I have spoken with a few well-experienced colleagues on how it happened and how to prevent it in the future. These two dogs have known each other for nearly a year, have never had issue with each other, and are two of our stars. Okay, everyone is a star but you know what I mean.

We think we had a few environmental, situational, and timing factors. Us humans are going to re-train our fight reaction protocol to keep everyone as safe as possible as well as eliminate the factors that led to this crappy incident.

I do not anticipate this interaction re-occurring. As we do work with dogs, I cannot guarantee there will not be fights in the future. What I can guarantee is that I will do everything in my ability to prevent one from happening again.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. We love everyone in our gang and want you to feel confident in the services we provide as well as the care.

Here's what we got this week:
  • The fight update you just read
  • Yoga Instructor recommendation
  • Welcome back, Luke
  • The Dog Notes

Keep on keepin' on!

Do you need some relaxing or realigning?

I have! I sought out Lynn, Pepe's mom! You know little Pepe as our pint sized pup in the TR group with radar ears and Callie's best friend. This mile-a-minute has a very lovely owner who is a well practiced yoga instructor. She is taking on a few new private clients, and she has given me permission to give her a shout-out on this email list.

As someone with structural and muscular issues and a background in personal training cough cough, I have been wowed by Lynn's nuance and warm instruction and feel better during and after each session with her. And bonus! Pepe sticks around to "coach" and give some love to keep you present.

You can contact Lynn at her email, !


IT'S TRUE IT'S TRUE! Luke the I Love You Dog has returned to our Tuesday Thursday group after a vacation, and we couldn't be happier to have our TR trumpet caller back. Don't miss the photos of Luke in our weekly Instagram and Facebook stories!

Weekly notes!

  • Bianca and Davis are still enjoying each day with their families, and we hope to have them back soon!
  • LUKE IS BACK. HAVE I MENTIONED HE'S BACK?! HE'S BACK! He was so happy to be with his friends.
  • Pepe made sure Luke knew he was in charge of the car ride, then they were best pals.
  • Callie has been little miss sprinter and becomes a tan bolt of lightning when she gets off-leash time.
  • Rita continues to be the queen that she is by taking each day in stride and finding every spare sprig of grass in her path.
  • Bodhi is getting tired of his puppy fosters (who are little heeler aussie shepherd mixes up for adoption in a few weeks with Jake's Wish) and is always ready for a pat and a pet.
  • Kara could not care less about the puppies and is all about them treats.
  • Yoda wants to know if we can go go go? He has things to sniff!
  • Diya helped out a training buddy who needed to learn that quiet dogs are fun dogs! Believe it or not, there are pups who are afraid of only quiet dogs!
  • Luna wants to know if there are more treats for her and Kara and will give the goodest sit to get them.
  • Dash danced at almost every walk to untangle himself from the leashes. Also to tangle himself in the leashes.
  • Peanut wonders where his next squirrel pal is. He also helped out with a training buddy!
  • Bacon has been rocking his mohawk and can see again. We're all excited!
  • Bogie has been quite dapper in his little Trigger's Treasures bandana, and I have a feeling he knows it. Geez that guy is cute.
  • Mindy has been temporarily banned from hikes as she has re-started her tired temper tantrums, and I'd rather focus on all your dogs than managing my dear dog. She is still on duty with my private walks and gets plenty of exercise, don't you worry.

Have a great week!
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