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Welcome to our Good Times Newsletter! We're taking our quarterly paper newsletter to the internet! Let's try something new.
Normally we have a newsletter that you can hang on your fridge, leave on the kitchen table for everyone in the family to read, or even frame and hang on your wall; this season we're trying digital to get info out faster and get you more of the good stuff: the pictures!
We have a few items to get out into the world, including but not limited to what we are doing during the spreading of COVID-19, the dreaded novel coronavirus. We are continuing our recurring groups and private walks as of right now. For those in our weekly group hikes, walks, and park visits, this email is replacing this week's update.

This season's news: That virus thing

If you are tired of reading about COVID-19, skip past this first part to get to the non COVID-19 part.
What You'll Find in The Good Times, Spring 2020
  • Modus Operandi for COVID-19
  • Available for Errands
  • We are Hiring
  • Current Rates and Waitlist
  • Time for Vaccinations and Why We Need Them
  • Steph is Applying to Dog Trainer School

Modus Operandi for COVID-19

Important Links regarding COVID-19:
Here it is, our part in delaying the spread of COVID-19. We have been getting email after email from companies, rescues, and shelters about closing events, increasing cleaning practices, and doing what they can to stay open while being conscious of the bigger picture.
At Good Sit, we are taking these precautions:
In addition to our usual hand sanitizer on location and inside our vehicles and washing hands after interactions, we will also be using social distancing with our clients. We also will be wiping dogs down with dog wipes before returning them home. Many of you are now home when we come to pick up your dogs; with that in mind, our walkers will be doing what we can to keep 6-10 feet away from all people. For those we have backyard access to, we will continue picking them up from the yard without coming inside the home whenever possible. For those we need door access, we will say hello and stay back from all humans.

thank you to Tyler for reminding Steph this image exists!
If you are immuno-compromised or are recovering from a recent illness or surgery, please let us know so we can make the proper arrangements to pick up your dogs without interrupting your health bubble. Some things to think about, if you are:
  • over 50
  • OR have heart problems including high blood pressure
  • OR have diabetes (T1 or T2)
  • OR have lupus
  • OR have Lyme (current or post)
  • OR have had an organ transplant
  • OR have rheumatoid arthritis
Please notify us and we will be taking extra care to maintain distance.
While this pandemic thing is annoying, Steph would rather err on the side of caution and not contaminate anyone with an illness that isn't fun to have and may lead to pneumonia, another not-fun illness.
For our clients with booked sitting dates: If you have a deposit down or fully paid getaway planned, we will allow you to retain the full/deposited value of your invoice to be credited towards a future getaway planned within the next six months. For those scheduled on Rover, you can get your entire reservation refunded if you choose to cancel.


Available for Errands for the Infirm or Quarantined

For those who are quarantining themselves, let us know if you need help picking up groceries or running errands that require in-person. Steph is buzzing around with the pups and will have time in the afternoons to run errands. We are asking for $20 for this service but also: pay what you can if you can. If your paid hours are getting limited, please let us know.

We Are Hiring!

It's true. With our groups AND private walks moving to waitlist and Steph applying to dog trainer school, it's time to expand our force free approach with more great people who love your animals. We are looking for a few good humans who can take direction, stay cool under pressure, and enjoy spending hours a day with dogs. Please send our application page to anyone you may know who is looking for consistent, part-time work starting at 12 hours with potential to grow to 25 each week.

Current Rates and Waitlists

As of the new year, we have raised our private walk and private stay rates. We have been able to sit for compatible dogs semi-privately for the last six months and find that it is working well. If your dog needs private sitting or you prefer he or she to get their sitter to themselves, our private stay rate starts at $121/night. We are also raising our post-12pm needs rate to $46 as we have been experiencing more and more families who need care until into the evening on their return day. Semi-private sittings are remaining $71/night. Private walks are now starting at $36 for 30 minutes.
The good news with the rate raise is that means we aren't racing around to attend to as many pets as possible every day. We can dedicate more time to your family when they are booked with us.
Our groups and private walks are currently at a waitlist as we cannot properly accommodate more dogs for the time being. We are thrilled to have a waitlist for our soon-to-be new hires to jump into working alongside so we can give them enough hours right at the start!

Time for Vaccinations and Why We Need Them

Our plan for the expansion of taking on employees for Good Sit means our groups can be out for longer AND we can go further away for better hiking experiences! Currently we rotate between a few great dog parks, trails, and parks that give our dogs sniffs, adventure, and a regular adventure schedule that is close to our part of Santa Clara County. When we get more people, we will be able to take our groups out for longer at parks that allow off-leash dog hiking. We are dotting our Is and crossing our Ts to get everything in tip top shape as we move to the next level of hiking.
A particularly soggy beach trek last November

With that in mind, part of the Ts that need crossed is proof of vaccinations. We need proof of a rabies vaccination within the last year for all walking clients as well as for our dogs we have overnight sitting that go on adventures; this allows us to have proper documentation in the event of an emergency while we are out and about. Please send all vaccination proof to! Thank you.

"Personal" News: Steph is Applying to Dog Trainer School

With the encouragement of many clients and colleagues, Steph is applying to dog trainer schools which use sciencey evidence-based protocols and force-free methods as they have the most up-to-date training processes and have a bright future in the United States. Steph plans to continue bridging the gap between old school training and force free, especially with reactive and aggressive dogs. She also will not be shoving debates down people's throats regarding training processes, which seems to be a thing on both sides of the training debate. You can watch our social media to keep tabs on Steph's training and growing team.

Thank you for being a part of the Good Sit crew, and we all look forward to seeing you soon!
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