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Hi this is Steph your dog walker. You may not remember that I email sometimes.

Hey everyone,

For our new friends, we at times have weekly wrap-up emails where we talk about the preceding week and give announcements and good cheer towards the incoming week. WELLLLL SINCE OUR LAST GROUP EMAIL WE HAVE HAD:
  • protests in the cities of the USA and rest of the world
  • some wackadoo or legit concepts of what is deemed "safe" and "not safe" for covid-19 stuff and there is nothing in between
  • Cameron had a birthday!
  • Luke is back!
  • new dogs added to groups
  • a (good) farewell
  • an incoming (not as good but still good) farewell
  • Rascal is back!
  • a few dogs visiting their grandpawrents
  • Steph moved to a new apartment in her same complex
  • Pepe will be away a few weeks while he works with our friend trainer Connie Ko at Kuma Dog Training
  • Steph had a birthday!
  • a neato deal with a local dog bandana company (use code MINDY for 15% off your order!)
  • Connie sub-walked for us last week!
  • Steph is officially offering dog training and added it to the website
  • Rita, Mindy, and Steph got to meet the famous Miki the pom mix. Miki's mom is in love with Rita, and Steph is in love with Miki, and the dogs got along great!

Here's what we got in this week's email:
  • Lots and lots of pictures of dogs, no information because lordy there's a lot being blasted at all of us
  • Good-byes to Davis and Bacon
  • The Dog Notes

We hope you are staying sane!


As the days grow longer and temperatures rise, we are moving MWF initial pickups at 8:00 a.m. and TR group to 9:00 a.m. consistently. We are starting and ending earlier to beat the heat.

It's Not Good-bye, It's See You Later to Davis and Bacon

With heavy hearts and heads held high, we are saying good-bye for now to everybody's friends, Davis and Bacon. Davis has been tasked with taking care of his mom and dad while Shelter in Place is maintained and COVID-19 is without a solid treatment plan. We are happy that his family has him to protect their hearts and minds with snugs, snorts, and lots and lots of walks! Davis and his departed brother Chuck are one of the first ever recurring clients Steph had as a beginning walker, and we know we will be seeing them around, be it in group or hanging out in Palo Alto!

Sir Doodle Bacon is moving out of the area! His mom and dad are taking advantage of being semi-permanently working from home to try living somewhere less intense, and for that, we salute them! What a great idea to live near their old friends and closer to family. Bacon will be here the rest of this week to get your good-byes in.

Not that Good Sit is suggesting everyone move away from the Bay Area. We love our pack! Ahem. Hem.

If you'd like to stay in contact with Bacon, he has his very own instagram page called ThatDoodBacon. Be sure to follow him to get your fuzzy fix of our friend! Bacon is the first labradoodle that Steph spent longer than two minutes with and helped her realize that not all doodles are created equal. She is so, so, so happy that his mom and dad contacted her about walks. Bacon is truly a special guy.

Flea and Tick Preventative

Remember! While us humans are spending more time at home, your dogs are still getting out and about. They need their flea and tick preventatives. Check in with your veterinarian to see if you can order some. If you need help with pick up let me know!

Here is a gross picture of Mindy's old bug bites :( on her tummy to burn into your recent memory to get those meds. 

Weekly notes!

  • Yoda and Diya are off to visit their grandparents!
  • Pepe is spending time with our friend Connie working on a few desensitizing things so he can come back to the pack!
  • Rascal is back and better than ever. He is loving the walks, and he dutifully curls up in a comfy dog-loaf in his crate during the rides to and from our walk spots.
  • Toofy is one of our new crew members, and he is learning fast who wants to play and who doesn't during off leash time as well as ON leash time. :)
  • Callie has been loving all the friends, from guest-friend Coconut the husky to Rufus our new good boy in TR!
  • Rufus is learning how to be a dog, and he is stepping into his own at TR time at the dog park! He is playing with new ways of, well, playing!
  • Bacon has been on high alert for any sort of intruders to our group, so much so that sometimes he barks into the air but we can't figure out what he's barking at. This guyyyyy.
  • Rita has figured out how to scoop whatever it is she is trying to get at with her muzzle. We love how smart Rita is but we also don't like how smart she is regarding this specific thing. Silly Rita!
  • Bodhi has moved to half-time muzzle at the park, and it seems to be helping reel in his enthusiasm while allowing him to have tons of fun.
  • Kara has learned how to boop our treat bags.
  • Luna has been pantsed in her last haircut, and she is WORKING that cut like she is walking down the runway at a fancy fashion show.
  • Dash is walking with a tether to Kara, our dutiful anchor dog. She is about two times his size, maybe three, and helps keep him from tangling the others.
  • Peanut is practicing his high frequency communication. Cam and Steph both have musician's ears that have somehow managed to keep up their high frequency detection, and they can confirm Peanut is getting into the highest ranges possible.
  • Bogie has been competing with Peanut's frequencies. It's neck and neck.
  • Mindy has been in and out of groups. Steph is playing it by ear. Mindy hasn't gone for explorations out of the car for a few weeks, so we are cautiously optimistic that her menace may be in check.

Have a great week!
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