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A regular ol' update with some reminders

How are you doing this week? There sure is a lot going on in our country right now regarding what's open and what's closed. I hope that whatever you are doing, you are keeping yourself safe and finding ways to bring some quiet to your home as well as fun. We've got a nice light email this week after last week's heavy.  Expect billing to be coming out a little late. Enjoy!

Here's what we got this week:
  • Pickup Times
  • Quilting (Yes Really!) Recommendation
  • Hi From Old Friends and New
  • Meds Reminder
  • The Dog Notes

Keep on keepin' on!


As the days grow longer and temperatures rise, we are moving MWF initial pickups at 8:00 a.m. and TR group to 9:00 a.m. consistently. We are starting and ending earlier to beat the heat.

Snuggle Up, Buttercup

When she's not helping save the world, Yoda's mom happens to be a fantastic quilter and seamstress extraordinaire. She is currently offering a few quilts on her Etsy shop, Angela Graf Handmade, as well as taking commissions. You can take a look at her work on the shop and message her there! Yes, she does tshirt quilts, which I find to be a perfect way to preserve nostalgic and keepsake shirts. 

Visit Angela's Etsy store to take a look at what she has available and what she can do!

Did you mean to email Lynn from last week but never got to it? Reminder that Pepe's mom is taking private yoga clients! You can contact Lynn at her email, !

Hello from old friends and some new ones!

This week we ran into Rascal and his dad on their morning walk! Rascal is having a grand old time with his meal time toy, and his dad is keeping him busy with walking and tricks.

Our dog park friend, little Callie the boxer, lives on one of our quarantine routes. We made sure to stop by to say hello last Thursday! She is now 8 months old and really coming into her own.

We had trainer Connie Ko (who is working on her website) visit us not once but twice this past week! Both the MWF and the TR groups got to meet Connie and her Mindy-twin pup, Laika! Connie is a fantastic dog trainer we are glad to have in our circle of friends and as an ongoing consultant to Good Sit.

Flea and Tick Preventative

Remember! While us humans are spending more time at home, your dogs are still getting out and about. They need their flea and tick preventatives. Check in with your veterinarian to see if you can order some. If you need help with pick up let me know!

Here is a gross picture of Mindy's recent bug bites :( on her tummy to burn into your recent memory to get those meds. 

Weekly notes!

  • Bianca and Davis send updates about their lives, and they are keeping busy with family walks and family scritches!
  • Luke has been strangely quiet. He seems very content to be with his bros and broettes and very happy to be here.
  • Pepe flew like a lightning bolt during off leash time and has stayed un-caught, even by our guest herder, Laika!
  • Callie was overjoyed and bounced like a balloon toy when getting to play with Laika. She very politely would remind Laika that Pepe was HER friend and to take it easy on him whenever she got intense.
  • Rita wants to know why she can't eat the mulch if she doesn't have her muzzle on. Rita... we've gone over this several times with you, you silly goose.
  • Bodhi got some private social time with guest dogs at his home while working on reducing his anxiety. His puppy guests are now gone and he is loving his life.
  • Kara wants to know when dinner is.
  • Yoda has been our group trumpeter whenever anyone dares to get near us.
  • Diya maintained her pedestal worthy demeanor and cuteness.
  • Luna has been Yoda's minder in the car and has scolded him several times to stop being a nuisance. ...I think she's the same age as Yoda. She is a true HBIC.
  • Dash made a record time knot with his leash in approximately five seconds on Friday. This guy's got talent.
  • Peanut has been a very good boy and giving the goodest of the good sits with Cameron.
  • Bacon has leveled up to a golfball dimple patterned haircut, and we are patiently waiting the allowance of groomers to be working again.
  • Bogie got the sneezles from the baseball diamond this week, and we hope he is all cleared up fro ma weekend of rest and snugs.
  • Mindy got temporary easing of restrictions on Wednesday due to that day's setup, but she's still banned from walks. I have to say, watching her run with Laika is a joy. Two zips of black cutting through the grass is pretty cool.

Have a great week!
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