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This week's news: have you sent your vaccination records to me yet?

Hey everyone! When did I last send an email? A MONTH ago? Egad! Let's catch up.
This week's topics:
  • A Special Good-bye
  • Remember those vaccination records I need?
  • Dog parties are coming back!
  • Our schedule
  • The Dog Notes

We are looking for a few good walkers to join us! Please share our app link on your social media if you get a moment. The Facebook post for easy facebook sharing is located here. Or if you prefer to directly link to our website, this is our application link on Good Sit.

A Special Good-bye x2

We are sorry to say that Cider is leaving the crew to move to some focused attention each week. You'll still see her on our social media for sitting, beach treks, and dog parties. I have a feeling she won't be gone for too long.
We also have said happy tails to our friend and contractor, Sarah Post. Sarah has moved to Vancouver, WA, and has already found a house! She is currently looking at dogs to adopt at a nearby shelter, and she says she misses all the dogs back here already.
Sarah has been an asset for our dogsitting and beach treks, and we are sad but very happy for her next step! She doesn't have Facebook, but she did say you can email if you like! You can contact her on her personal email address,!

Welcome and Welcome Back!

Our new gal Callie is a youngster looking for a good romp! She has joined our TR groups and is coming into her own at the parks. She is already a star for our leashed walking portions.

Luke has returned from his time away, and we couldn't be happier to have the big guy back. Luke is also a member of the TR groups, and you can often hear him trumpeting his arrival or need to move. Or he wants a treat! Or he wants a pet! He is one happy, vocal boy. Good to have you back, buddy.

Remember those vaccination records I need?

It's now past March 1, and we need those rabies proof of vax! If I have not received your vaccination records for your dogs, I will start bugging you for them! (Note for our new friends: I don't think I asked you for this just yet. I'll take 'em!)
Why do we need the proof? We want to have everyone's rabies proof on file in case of emergencies that involve health or the law. Anything we can do to make your dogs look good, we're doing; that means rabies vaccination proof!
Coming up this week: The dog ID cards are designed and ready for your information! We'll be passing them out during Wednesday pickups to be filled out and returned by the end of the week. Just like the vaccination records, having these cards in case of an emergency will help your dogs receive emergency care as soon as possible if needed.
REMINDER Parasite Preventatives: Please make sure your best buddy is getting their flea and tick preventative each month. Having recently had a few flea bites myself from who may not have had their preventative lately has brought me to write about it. Even though it's cold outside and bugs are down, fleas and ticks are still very much a thing, as is heartworm. I have had to help care for heartworm positive dogs in the past, and I hope none of ours get it as it is a long road to recovery or, forgive the phrase, short road to the rainbow bridge.

Please note: some preventatives only cover one or two parasites; the other(s) may not be included. Check your labels and with your vets about what works best for your active, outdoorsy animal.

Even More News

Dog parties are coming back!
It's been a spell since we had a dog party... until YESTERDAY! We had a nice group of dogs coming through Rengstorff Park yesterday morning for saying hi, playing chase, and getting snacks. Notice gets set out a day or two beforehand to see who can bring their pups to the park. Dog parties are an excuse to hang out with fellow dog lovers while your fuzzy family gets their exercise for the day!

Our Schedule
Group Schedule is remaining the same. Until we have new people on board (I'm speaking with Zip Recruiter this week!) Our MWF group has two shifts and our TR group has one.
Currently we are still full for groups but are excited to take on wait-listers. If you know anyone who is thinking about getting their dogs out more with supervised social time on and off-leash, send them our way!

Weekly notes!

  • Cider has been a good girl responding to being called over from an exciting thing and has been using her singing voice in the car!
  • Callie has found playmates at the park! She played with three different dogs last Thursday and is finding her groove in the pack.
  • Luke has been the best boy in the car; jumping in and out without much coaxing, and keeping his calls to a minimum. Way to be a team player!
  • Bianca has taken her Chief Poop Inspector role very seriously, being sure to exam each poop in the group. She has gotten peed on this week. Anything for the job!
  • Rascal has been very rowdy and scolding other dogs that get too close to his friends or rough them up. He takes his elder statesman position seriously for now.
  • Bodhi has been experimenting with gentle vs rough play at the off-leash time and learned that he gets to run more when he's being gentle.
  • Diya has been keeping to herself, sniffing here and there, then WHAM she finds a playmate and goes to town.
  • Kara comes in to referee as needed with a chest bump here and there to make sure everyone stays in line.
  • Yoda has been over the moon with the amount of running he has gotten to do this week. Our instagram stories have been full of galloping dane.
  • Pepe has been, to put it lightly, the belle of the ball every time we go to the dog park. He does get overwhelmed from time to time from his adoring fans, but we have worked on our self regulating time outs. and he's getting to learn how to step away. Good job, little buddy.
  • Davis has run? Like, actual running? Once or twice I saw him do it. He is a bit of a putterer usually, and it has been a delight to see him put the pedal to the metal.
  • Dash continues to imitate the wind every time he gets off-leash time. He appears to be light as a feather when he runs, his feathery fur glistening in the morning sun.
  • Luna has allowed herself to play a time or two this past week. Otherwise she is a dutiful bodyguard for me, staying close-by and warding away strangers.
  • Peanut has played bunny for each off-leash outing and has enjoyed having up to six dogs chasing him. He gets the whole park involved, not just our group.
  • Speaking of dogs that get other dogs going, Mr. Bacon is fully transitioned to the morning MWF group, and he has been enjoying running back and forth and showing off his stellar recall (from across the park!) with our early risers.
  • Mindy has been allowed a few group times and has straight up flown out of the car several times, so she will continue to be limited in her ability to come to group.

Have a great week!
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