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Oh my gosh April is almost finito

How is everyone doing? No really, how are you? There's a few folks I'm not seeing as often either by forgoing services for the time being or with Cameron splitting up pick up duties. Let me know if you need an ear to bend.

Okay enough of that mushy stuff

Last week was a blast at Good Sit. (cough cough like our Facebook Page to see photos, videos, and fun animal facts.) Our dogs were getting on and off leash time together. It helps to get those youngsters moving and seeing the dogs turn into fuzzy lightning bolts. Or not! We have a few that would much rather get some padding and sitting time with humans and nothing wrong with that. Here's what we got this week:
  • Lots and lots of pictures
  • Free Dog Training Advice Alert!
  • Hi from old friends
  • Seton care package update
  • The Dog Notes

Keep on keepin' on!


Mark your calendars! Our friend and 21 year veteran of the dog training community. Stacy of Stacy's Wag n Train is doing a Facebook Live this Wednesday at 6pm. You can watch it on her business's Facebook Page at this link.

She has a wicked sense of humor and a credential list as long as your arm. I'll be attending. I hope to "see" you there!
Let's hear it for our home haircut gang!
Cute no matter how much or how little fur they have.

Hi from old friends!

I got some time with Cider and Coconut! Cider has been loving having her moms home and attends every video meeting. Coconut is my neighbor, so she and Mindy have been meeting every so often to blow off some puppy steam in our complex's driveway while the humans stay far away from each other.

Seton Medical Center package delivered!

Our team effort package was delivered by Cameron last week! Big thanks again to our friends at Trigger's Treasures (cloth masks with thick fabric) and Sticky Devil (ear savers) for their contributions to the package.

Good Sit covered the candy! If you would like to send anything to the staff at Seton Medical Center, the hospital that was brought back out of closure due to the impending stress of the pandemic, let me know!

Weekly notes!

  • Luke, Bianca, and Davis: WE MISS YOU.
  • Diya has been equally happy and perplexed by our ability to go offleash last week.
  • Callie enjoyed sharing her backyard with Pepe and Rita this week and popcorned like a bunny throughout the play session.
  • Bacon goaded Yoda into both playing with him AND backing off. He has his play face on the whole time (as does Yoda) so it may just be their thing now.
  • Peanut "defended" Cameron in an attempt to hide being overwhelmed by all the big dog action in the yard time.
  • Bodhi has enjoyed sharing his yard with his friends and has on multiple occasions gone to their back door to be let in when there was still time left for playing. He is serious about getting his post walk nap.
  • Pepe wants to know if it's possible to eat, take a nap, and play with his friends at the same time. Also, while being in your lap.
  • Rita played with a toy at Callie's and trotted around the rest of the walk days.
  • Luna and Kara continue to be the HBICs of the crew, watching over the pups on leashed walks and checking in during offleash to give them all the what-for.
  • Dash has been overjoyed. Granted, he is like that every day.
  • Yoda wants everyone to know when he gets home. Rooof! Rooof!
  • Bogie is simultaneously excited and nervous about getting so much time with the big dogs off leash. He's been deftly running around them in an attempt to herd.
  • Mindy ate a big chunk of chocolate cake on Sunday afternoon, so I am enjoying watching her movements and bowels for the next 72 hours with the veterinarians on speed dial to give them updates.

Have a great week!
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